Our ability to concentrate steadily for a reasonable amount of time on a daily basis is one of the main factors that contribute to our productivity, having an enormous influence on the results we are able to get at work or at school. The degree in which we are able to concentrate depends on a variety of factors, many of which we can easily control. Our diet has a great influence on our ability to focus so we should make sure that we do our best to optimize it, especially when we are going through a variety of challenges at work or at school. In order to be able to improve our diet we must first understand what our brain needs in order to function its best. Here are a few foods for healthy brain:

The brain cells are completely dependent on glucose in order to function properly. Since your brain cells require twice as much energy compared to the other cells in the body so replenishing sugar on a regular basis is a must. Because the brain cells are unable to store glucose we must sure that we replenish it on a regular basis. However, not all carbohydrates affect our brain in the same way. While simple carbohydrates offer a quick energy boost, in the long run they affect our ability to focus in a negative way.

That means that our diet should consist mostly of complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, cereals, beans, nuts, seeds, vegetable and fruits. Fruits not only contain a wide variety of vitamins and minerals but also powerful antioxidants that help delay the aging of the brain. It is also important to avoid sugary snacks and soda as these affect the level of magnesium as well as calcium in our body, leading to the loss of several important minerals that our body needs to function properly.

While it might seem like a no brainer, having breakfast every day is crucial if we want to enjoy razor sharp focus. Since our glucose levels our completely depleted in the morning, we will have a hard time tapping our mental power if we don’t nourish our body properly. A balanced breakfast should contain complex carbohydrates, vitamins as well as lean proteins. Eggs are a wonderful source of protein and are an excellent choice for breakfast due to the fact that they contain choline a healthy fat that has been shown to boost brain function and that has a powerful effect on our memory.

Proteins are also an important part of our diet due to the fact that they affect our neurotransmitters, which are composed of amino acids. Milk and yogurt, fish,beef, poultry,nuts, soy or lentils are excellent protein sources you can use to be able to concentrate better and be more alert. Soy also contains lecithin, which boosts our learning abilities and that help prevent deposits of plaque on the brain. Many of these foods also contain vitamins from the B complex which are also involved in the production of neurotransmitters, thus affecting concentration.

Fats should also be part of our diet, especially if we aim for superior ability to focus on a daily basis. Our brain is made 60% fat so we should not neglect adding healthy fat sources to our meals. Omega 3 fatty acids have an essential role in forming brain cells so adding Omega 3 fatty acids to our diet is highly beneficial. Flaxseed, salmon, tuna, sardines or halibut, tofu or walnuts are some of the richest foods in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. Olive oil and avocados are also good choices for a for increased focus.

When it comes to healthy beverages, coffee and green tea are some of the top choices that can help us concentrate better. Both of these beverages contain important amounts of antioxidants and other substances that increase mental alertness and increase our learning abilities.