Getting a leaner figure requires certain sacrifices and sometimes giving up or greatly reducing our favorite foods is a somewhat mandatory choice. The mere thought of not being able to eat what we want whenever we want can trigger surprisingly intense cravings that can be hard to avoid. Planning ahead and thinking of ways to avoid or solve sticky situations is essential for the success of any weight loss plan, since it can save you from having to do damage control.

Although we might have become accustomed to see food cravings as the enemy, they can be valuable clues our body uses to signal possible deficiencies. Understanding the triggers and choosing delicious, low calorie snacks for our needs can be a much better alternative than simply trying to resist every temptation that crosses our path. The following snack alternatives can help you satisfy your cravings in a healthier way:

Rice Pudding If you are looking for a classic sweet treat that won’t throw your calorie allowance off balance, rice pudding can be a great alternative. The fact that there is even a diet named after this popular dessert is a great indication that this can be a good alternative for satisfying your sweet cravings. If you wish to keep the calorie content low, you can limit the portion size and use low calorie sweeteners, but this filling dessert is a great option even without substantial changes.

Frozen yogurt Creamy desserts are synonym with high-calorie, so making sure that you find a high substitute is more than recommendable. Frozen yogurt is a great substitute for ice cream, and can work especially well if you like fruit ice creams. You can add fruit juice or a dab of honey to make it more palatable.

String Cheese For some, cheese is the miracle ingredient that makes virtually everything taste better, but also one of the things that adds lots of calories to many dishes. Still, you don’t have to swear off it completely, just to be more mindful about what you choose. String cheese or cottage cheese can be great alternatives for getting the flavor you crave without massive amounts of calories.

Roasted pumpkin seeds Although salt cravings are very common, sometimes the texture is one of the aspects that we miss the most. If you are trying to cut back on highly processed salty treats, pumpkin seeds can be an alternative that will not only give you the experience you crave, but also a myriad of nutrients such as iron, magnesium and protein. Add these crunchy nutrient-filled snacks to your diet for an easy and healthy crunchy treat alternative.

Fruits You heard it a million times before, but this doesn’t mean that this suggestion is any less valuable. Fruits are nature’s own 100 calorie packs and they are filled with antioxidants, important photochemical and a myriad of vitamins and minerals you need in your diet. Choose variety to ensure that you don’t miss out on any crucial nutrients and to avoid boredom.

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