Even though Type 2 diabetes is a growing concern, some people still cling to a lot of myths regarding the diabetes diet plan. Find out which are the most common misconceptions about a diabetic diet plan and why they’re mostly wrong.

Eating a lot of sweets is still considered by some a trigger for diabetes even though medicine has shown this problem has more to do with being overweight than having a sweet tooth. Check out the most common myths and misconceptions about diabetic diets.

You’re Done with Desserts on the Diabetes Diet Plan

The treatment options for type 2 diabetes include some dietary guidelines, but giving up desserts completely is definitely not one of them. From artificial sweeteners to portion control, there are many ways to still enjoy desserts on the diabetic diet plan. Fruits are nature’s dessert, but they’re not always the only option for diabetics.

Diabetes Diet Plan: Most Common Myths

Diet Foods Are the Right Choice for the Diabetic Diet Plan

Some people continue to believe that diabetes means a complete lifestyle change. Diet foods aren’t better or worse for people suffering from type 2 diabetes and special diabetic meals are not a requirement for most people. Following the special guidelines from a dietitian don’t include always looking for special diet foods.

The Diabetes Diet Plan is Very Restrictive

Keeping your blood sugar level in the normal range is a complex process that includes exercise and can also entail medication. The recommended diet for diabetics takes all these into account, so it doesn’t always mean major restrictions or simply having to give up your favorite foods.

A Diabetic Diet Plan Should Focus on Protein

Since carbs are responsible for blood sugar levels, some inaccurately assume the diabetes diet plan has to be heavy on proteins and must include very little or no carbs. The truth is you need to keep carbs in check, but that simply means you’ll need to monitor your intake and try healthy options, not renounce them.

Diabetes Diet Plan: Most Common Myths

You Can Adjust Your Medication to Eat What You Want

One of the most dangerous diabetes diet plan myths claims that you can adjust your medication to cover for any foods you should be avoiding. Matching insulin intake to your diet doesn’t mean you can adjust your dose so you can snack on foods that are bad for you.

Artificial Sweeteners Are Unhealthy for Diabetic Diets

From saccharin, aspartame to sucralose and acesulfame potassium, artificial sweeteners can play an important part in the diabetic diet plan. The decision on which to use should be up to the dietitian.

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