While some people think detox diets and cleanses are overrated, others find them very useful, whether they want to lose weight, improve their health or simply transition to a more healthy way of eating.

No matter if you want to flush out the toxins with a juice cleanse, a soup diet or another type of cleanse, the detoxing mistakes to avoid are the same. Make sure that you’re choosing the right plan for your needs and that you avoid the common errors which can turn a detox diet into a very miserable and possibly harmful experience.

1. Picking the Wrong Detox Plan

Before you start juicing or preparing your detox plan meals, it’s always important to figure out if you can really benefit from this particular diet. Do you want to lose weight or kick a harmful habit, like drinking too much soda? Whatever your reason is for wanting to purge your body of toxins, it’s important to do the research and set realistic expectations. A detox plan that doesn’t work with your lifestyle will not be a success.

2. Depriving Yourself of Important Nutrients

Without the right vitamins and minerals, you won’t really benefit from the detoxing process, because your metabolism will go into starvation mode and try to store everything it can, including toxins, as fat. One of the biggest detoxing mistakes to avoid is depriving yourself of nutrients that actually help the process along. Make sure that you’re getting enough vitamins and minerals, but also pay attention to fiber. Without it, your digestion slows down, and you’re not really getting the toxins out.

3. Aiming for Speed Detoxing

Short term detoxing plans and diets can be very hard on your body, and end up causing fatigue, migraines and other problems. In order to get better results, start slowly and easy yourself in your detox plan. You won’t get the same weight loss results as you would with a crash diet, but you’ll also be less likely to abandon the whole process because of really unpleasant side-effects.

4. Underestimating the Side Effects

Even if you introduce your detox plan gradually, you can still suffer side effects, from mood swings to digestive problems and even insomnia. Not being prepared for the side effects, especially if your plan completely restricts caffeine or sugar, is one of the detoxing mistakes to avoid. So be prepared and focus on your goals to complete the cleanse.

5. Getting Dehydrated

Even if you’re on a liquid detox diet, you can get dehydrated if you don’t drink enough water. Staying well hydrated is the right way to flush out toxins faster. While most detox plans ban alcohol and caffeine, you should also pay attention to your sodium intake to avoid this issue.

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6. Choosing the Wrong Time

Once you accept that any detox plan poses plenty of challenges, you’ll know that one of the biggest detoxing mistakes to avoid is scheduling it during a stressful time in your life. It could help you get relief, but it can also add more to your plate and make you just give up. Gentle detoxing plans are better for stressful times.

7. Taking Cheat Days

Just don’t. It doesn’t matter what your detoxing goals are, a cheat day will get you back to square one.

8. Not Getting Enough Rest

Trying to keep up with a very active lifestyle while you want to cleanse yourself is also one of the detoxing mistakes to avoid. Even if your body is getting enough nutrients to flush out toxins, you still need to get a little more rest than usual. Avoid intense workouts while you’re detoxing.

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9. Ignoring Your Body’s Warning Signs

Sometimes detoxing can go wrong and can highlight undiagnosed medical conditions. If you’re experiencing severe side-effects, consult a doctor. Don’t jump into cleanses when you’re sick and your doctor doesn’t recommend them.

10. Avoid Other Big Changes

One of the most important detoxing mistakes to avoid is taking on too many changes at once. Don’t try a juice cleanse while becoming more active than usual. Most diets include exercise, but if you choose a detox plan that severely restricts calories, focus on that, and don’t make other big changes.