Toxins in our organism can launch a series of irreversible damages. In order to make sure you preserve the flawless condition of your digestive system it is important to consider a few protective measures.

Vegetables have all the necessary vitamins to load your body with energy and nutrients that contribute to the proper functioning of your metabolism. Whether your motivation is to strip off a few extra-pounds or you would like to get rid of bloating, the impact of these cool vegetable detox diets on your organism will be extremely positive. Check out the diet plans below to make sure you know your options when it comes to healthy detoxification.

7 Days Celery Diet

Celery salads, juices and soups are considered must have elements of a balanced detox diet. In this case you can embrace the 7 Days celery diet to get rid of toxins from your body. Prepare a delicious non-creamy celery soup and make sure you eat only this for 3-4 days from the one week meal plan.

One of the greatest advantages of celery soup is that you can consume as much as you wish of it without any calorie restrictions. Celery is super-rich in vitamins and low in calories offering the perfect solution for your weight loss prayers. On the remaining days of the diet besides the celery soup you can include a few fresh vegetables and fruits as well as rice and skim milk into your daily menu. The dream silhouette is guaranteed after you managed to complete the whole diet.

3 Days Tomato Diet

Tomatoes are perfect to lose weight with. These veggies can be included in zillion delicious recipes from main meals to salads. Therefore, take full advantage of the detoxifying effect of tomatoes on your organism. This 3 Day Tomato diet has a simple structure, as a consequence, it is used by many people to get rid of harmful toxins.

Follow this simple plan for 3 days: Breakfast: 2 cooked tomatoes with herbal dressing Lunch: Tomato salad with peppers and olive oil and lemon dressing. Dinner: Tomato salad with lemon dressing.

Creators of the diet also offered a few ideas to help you tame your cravings for tasty snacks. If you wish to pamper your tasting buds with an ambrosial treat, opt for fresh tomato juice or a creamy smoothie created with low-fat milk.

7 Days Broccoli Diet

Broccoli is one of the most popular vegetables used to free the organism from damaging free radicals. Those who wish to combine their weight loss plans with detoxification will have the privilege to try their hand at the 7 Days Broccoli diet. Consume broccoli on a daily basis either in a delicious soup, a salad or simply its super-healthy juice and complete your menu with fresh vegetables or fruits. Keep on with this meal plan for a whole week to make sure your body is cleansed from toxins. Eat broccoli to spare yourself from bloating and other digestive disorders.

7 Days Carrot Diet

Carrots have a miraculous effect on our organism. The 7 Days Carrot diet has simple rules you can easily follow throughout the week without having to struggle with the sense of starvation. Prepare some delicious salads and juices to make your menu more versatile and make sure you consume light meals during the whole period of the diet to ease the functioning of the digestive system. Carrots can be combined with apple in numerous recipes as these organic ingredients create the perfect combo to help you lose weight quickly and in a healthy way.

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