Share your success story with your fellow dieters after experimenting with the following calorie burning tips for quick weight loss. Forget about committing yourself to crash diets and starvation to have the silhouette you were dreaming of.

It’s high-time to make the first step towards a healthy diet and lifestyle. Use the pro nutritionist pieces of advice below to revolutionize and fail-proof your slimming program.

Drink Icy Water

Chilled water is your greatest weapon to burn calories. Store a bottle of pure water in your fridge and have a glass of it if you plan to spend a few hours at the gym or you have to walk a long distance. Pro dietitians will advise you to drink icy water before any physical activities. Water will keep your body temperature on a lower level and will allow your organism to use energy for calorie burning.

One Avocado Per Day

Recent studies demonstrated that individuals who consumed at least one avocado per day were able to lose weight more easily than those who excluded this ingredient from their meal plan.

Avocado is rich in monounsaturated fat, an element the organism won’t store as bodyfat. Furthermore, the regular consumption of this diet food can keep your insulin on a low level, this way saving you from cravings.

Magnesium-rich Foods

According to pro dieters the ideal amount of magnesium we should consume is 320 mg. In order to keep your metabolism on top speed and burn calories it is essential to include healthy ingredients rich in this element into your meal plan. Consume peanut butter, spinach and whole-wheat bread with confidence if you want to shed a few stubborn pounds.

Ice Cream Once A Week

Did you think that ice cream could ruin your weight loss regime? Recent studies demonstrated that eating ice cream once a week can give an extra boost to your leptin level. This hormone is actually responsible for breaking down the already existing fat deposits. Enjoy your treat to guarantee the perfect functioning of your metabolism.

Avoid Creamy Foods

Lose weight by making the best diet options. Avoid creamy foods and sauces in order to ease the task of your digestive system to break down various nutrients. Dressings created from different dairy products are packed with saturated fats and will require more time to be digested. Use olive oil to prepare the most delicious and healthy dressings for your salads.

Use Mashed Fruits Instead of Butter In Desserts

Replace margarine and butter with healthier ingredients when preparing your favorite desserts. Mash a few apples, bananas or other fruits to save your system from loads of unsaturated fats. Experiment with the useful and updated recipes to see whether this food swap works for you or not.

Calorie Burning Tips

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