Both celebrities as well as millions of people all over the world experimented with the Cabbage soup detox diet as the ultimate remedy to both strip off some undesired pounds as well as spare their organism from the harmful free agents. Used either in the case of healthy dieting for those who struggle with digestive problems as well as the main tool to a fast weight loss, this dish managed to enter the public common sense as a revolutionary method to look and feel better. Those who are crazy about Cabbage soup and soups in general will find it thrilling that one of the basic conditions to score the diet is to consume as much as possible of this food. Professionals stick to the idea of encouraging dieters to eat unlimited amounts of soup on a daily basis. Find out more on the basic 7 day cabbage soup detox plan to achieve your goals.

The plan looks the following way and can be adopted by anyone who is willing to experiment with its benefits. However one of the crucial criteria to succeed is to ask the opinion of a doctor if we suffer from additional illnesses or serious disorders. These are some of the basic suggestions for the week of cabbage soup detox diet.

Day 1: The first day offers that chance to consume as much cabbage soup as we can, without any restrictions to the number of the meals. Since the soup’s composition is poor in calories there’s no risk of putting on additional weight.

One special condition for the initial phase is however to add some fruits and only these elements to the menu. Skip bananas due to their calorie content instead rely on other citric fruits or apple, berries and also watermelon.

Day 2: The second day would also stick to the increased cabbage soup intake and furthermore it also includes the consumption of vegetables. Potatoes are the ideal elements to complete your daily dishes, however you can also rely on the power of carrots, cucumbers and also tomatoes. These all will contribute to the detoxification of the organism.

Day 3: Almost at the half way to the completion of the diet, repeatedly go for more plates of cabbage soup and also fruits and vegetables. It is also essential to skip this time the intake of bananas and potatoes. The nutritionists eliminate these two elements as the basic condition to boost our metabolism and also to cut back on food that might have excessive calories.

Day 4: The next day differs in its structure from the previous one since it will allow the cabbage soup still would also encourage the intake of bananas, namely no less than 6-7 as well as additional skimmed milk. This combination is proved to have miraculous effect during the detox diet. Adopt this eating plan with confidence to upgrade your healthy lifestyle to the next level.

Day 5: The fifth day also brings some revolutionary changes into the diet. Instead of bananas it’s highly recommended to include the cabbage soup paired with 3-4 tomatoes as well as no more than 20 ounces of beef. This surprising trick is one of the basic methods to both fuel the organism with energy and also leave us with not extra-pounds.

Day 6: As we approach to the end of the detox diet it’s time for a treat. Indeed as the principles of the eating plan present, on this day we are allowed to eat cabbage soup as well as vegetables and beef without any limit. However it is advisable to skip the potatoes again. The various vegetables should be fresh and organic to further increase the success of the diet and the elimination of toxins.

Day 7: Juices play a special role in our healthy dieting. Therefore the 7th day will require the consumption of cabbage soup with additional vegetables (no potatoes) as well as fruit juice and finally brown rice as a nutritive ingredient. Create a versatile menu for your last day of dieting and enjoy the visible effects of the cabbage soup detox diet.