When starting a diet, people tend to lessen the amount of food eaten, however you can’t trick your body, if you’re not eating enough your metabolism will slow down in order to save energy.

When calories are cut down an alarm is spread through the body that tries to save us from starvation, so eating less is not the best way to lose weight.

Your body starts storing energy and fat as long as it can, a fact that can spoil your plans on losing weight.

Lose Weight

When preparing for a diet the first step is undoubtedly boosting your metabolism. There are several ways to increase your metabolism in order to lose weight – let’s take a look at these and see what appeal to you the most.

Among the most popular ways to boost metabolism is to eat foods that contain low calories and which train your metabolism making it function at a higher rate.

The best foods that will be among the natural ways to boost metabolism are the fruits and the vegetables. These contain fibers which will make your metabolism work harder to break the food down and sometimes will consume more energy than the energy content of the food you eat.

Focus on eating as many fruits and veggies such as kiwi fruit, cabbages, avocado, apples or whole grain products. Eat these as snacks, between the meals or even with your meals.

Foods for Weight Loss

Other ways to boost metabolism is to eat complex carbohydrates and lean protein. Eating these plus fibers will make sure to increase your metabolism. When you are looking for ways to boost metabolism you will have to stay away from carbohydrates, saturated sugars and processed foods – these won’t temper with your metabolism too much, and will be easily broken down, so the metabolism won’t increase, it may even slow down.

Introduce unsaturated fats, omega-3 fats and fish oils into your diet. These play a role in keeping your body and your mind in shape. Fats found in fish and shellfish, avocados, olives, nuts, nut butters, seeds and healthy oils like olive, canola and peanut help control appetite, improve mood and cognitive function.

Next on the list of ways to increase metabolism is the exercise.

You will need to workout on a regular basis, and this not only will help you lose fat, but will also increase your metabolism, so you will be able to lose even more weight.

Tips!– Keep your metabolism busy by eating 5-6 meals a day, that provides optimal conditions for your metabolism, but you need to carefully decide what constitutes a meal – have your usually 3 main meals and snacks (preferably fruits or vegetables) in between. This will keep your metabolism working.

– Laughing burns up to 20 percent of calories and also eases stress.

Do some exercise in the morning on empty stomach for about 25-30 minutes, a trick that will boost up your metabolism for the rest of the day.