Often we might put on weight on delicate spots and lose the extra-pounds more easily from other areas. The explanation behind this phenomenon lies in the fact that different health problems might affect the specific body parts, and with it can also influence the mechanism of our organism enhancing the storing of fat. The body fat storing and health problems have too many common aspects in order to overlook this factor. Those who just can’t identify the reason why their stomach grows and the thighs remain thin and toned, or other problems related to the distortion of the silhouette due to putting on more and more pounds. In spite of the fact that we can’t control or avoid the various conditions that sabotage our weight loss it is still essential to find out more on the health problems that can affect our organism triggering weight gain. These are some of the body fat storing spots and what these tell about our body.

Bulky Stomach

A flat abs is indeed a statement accessory these days and more, it is the living proof of a well-defined and healthy lifestyle. In order to gain back your spotless stomach it is advisable to find out more about the triggering factors that can grant you with a bulky tummy.

One of the most dangerous and well-known causes of weight gain in this delicate spot is stress. Fat storing is mainly done by a specific hormone called cortisol that can contribute to quick weight gain. When we are under pressure on a daily basis our organism is encouraged and more forced to store fat as if constantly in fear of losing our energy.

Cortisol is indeed the main factor that generates this process. The best solution to fight against a bulky stomach is to relieve stress with the healthiest exercise programs as Yoga or Pilates or pamper our mind and body with the various mental and physical spa sessions.

Thick Thighs and Chubby Arms

There are endless causes that can trigger the fat storage in these spots. One of these would be indeed the chemical ingredients from food as well as other sources. Those who use artificial sweeteners as well as drink their favorite beverage from plastic bottles might find themselves struggling with chubby arms as well as constantly thickening thighs. In this case the ultimate solution is to go green and spare yourself from the contact with the various harmful and artificial ingredients and choose glass bottles instead of plastic. Additionally this condition can also be the result of the extreme estrogen production. In this case the main culprits to blame are indeed contraceptive pills. These might not be designed for your organism therefore it is highly recommended to consult a doctor for further advice.

Curvy Hips and Fatty Back

One of the most unaesthetic sights when putting on a stylish and skin-tight dress is to see the bulky fat bags stuck under the bra or underwear. Hips and backs are indeed some of the delicate sections that would require some elbow grease to spare them from the extra-pounds.

There are various warning signs that could lead us to the existence of diabetes in our organism. Extremely curvy hips and a fatty back are some of these that should be considered and treated with exercise as well as a change in our diet.

If our organism tends to store fat in these sections we might struggle with extreme insulin production which is also the result of the too much carbohydrates intake. In this case all you have to do is reduce the sugar intake and switch things up a bit by eating wholemeal pasta and bread.

Thick Calves and Puffy Knees

Calves are indeed some of the most exposed spots if you are fond of stylish skirts and cropped pants. In this case it would be wise to train these spots with the various healthy exercises. However the results might not be as visible and quick as you expected take into account some of the health problems that can sabotage your weight loss project. Water retention is one of the most obvious reason for puffy knees, therefore it is a must to increase the water intake as well as reduce the consumption of wheat that can cause bloating. Moreover lack of sleeping and implicitly the inappropriate hormone growth is also a dangerous condition that can generate the appearance of thick calves. In order to defeat this problem make sure you pamper you body with more sleep and relaxation.