Portion control, calorie counting and other well-known diet tricks require careful planning. However, there are also other less complicated methods to sculpt your figure and stay energetic.

The best ways to lose weight fast provide you with easy alternatives that allow you to have fun while shedding a few pounds. Learn more about the time-tested and revolutionary slimming methods presented below.

Raw Food

Nutritionists just can’t stop emphasizing the importance of consuming raw foods. Organic veggies, fruits and seeds are all alkaline foods. These help you lose weight whereas acidic ones load you with extra calories. When following the raw food diet, there are certain acidic ingredients you should eliminate from your meals: bread, pasta, cookies, soda, red meat and coffee. Those who wish to boost the functioning of their metabolism must keep in mind this diet tip.

Banaba Leaf Tea

Green tea is not the only beverage that can help you shed a few stubborn pounds. Consume banaba leaf tea on a regular basis to eliminate toxins from your body and cut back on calories.

The magical power of this natural ingredient to reduce blood sugar level is the secret weapon you can use in your slimming project.

Open Faced Sandwiches

In order to cut back calories, swap your two-sliced sandwich for an open face one. This way you’ll be able to pack your breakfast with veggies and other healthy ingredients.

Turkey slices, low-fat cheese and green veggies serve as the best elements to boost your metabolism and prepare a delicious meal. If you’re still hungry, you can have your daily egg portion for breakfast.

Swap Pasta for Rice

Making a small change in your meal plan can lead to dramatic weight loss. Therefore, it is highly recommended to reduce the consumption of carbohydrate-rich foods. Potatoes, corn and pasta can produce gas which leads to bloating. The only starch that can spare you from this uncomfortable condition is rice. Prepare delicious servings using this healthy ingredient and go for brown instead of white rice for best results.

Belly Friendly Fruits

In order to make sure your metabolism works on a high rate, it is a must to consume belly friendly fruits. Grapes, orange, lemon, berries and watermelon are some of the top options if you wish to flush out fat from your body. Dietitians advise you to consume a high amount of these organic ingredients during your diet. On the other hand, it is also important to limit the intake of fruits as pear, apples and honeydew that can harden the job of your digestive system in breaking down fructose.

Best Ways to Lose Weight Fast

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