Make a long term investment and stuff your fridge with healthy and nutritive fruits, veggies and dairy products. These ingredients will help you cut back on calories and strip off a few stubborn pounds. Learn from the best and skim through the list of best foods for quick weight loss created by pro dietitians.

Update your slimming strategies and skip fasting to make sure you enjoy your fat burning program. These food items should feature in the meal plan of all those who want to kiss goodbye to their overweight.


This is one of the magical ingredients you must include into your meal plan for a healthy and easy weight loss. Asparagus is low in calories and provides your organism with healthy fiber. Control your blood sugar level to save yourself from cravings and take full advantage of the asparigine enzyme which has a natural diuretic effect. Look for recipes that include this green ingredient packed with antioxidants.

Black Beans

Black beans have a high content of fiber and antioxidants. Arm up your organism with healthy nutrients to flush out fat and free radicals. Keep your metabolism on top speed with the consumption of these green ingredients.

Use beans as the perfect solution to reduce the red meat intake and prepare the most delicious servings to pamper your tasting buds.

Black Cod or Cod Liver Oil

These ingredients guarantee an efficient and quick weight loss. Numerous studies demonstrated the magical fat burning impact of cod and cod liver oil on our body.

Take advantage of the high Omega 3 content of this fish and learn how to prepare ambrosial soups and salads using this food item.

Yellow Peas

Add delicious yellow peas to salads or make tasty soups using this ingredient. Pulses are perfect to lose weight as these veggies will give you a sense of satiety for a longer period. Include fiber- and vitamin-rich food items into your diet plan to make sure you cut back on calories. Dietary fiber is essential to break down the already existing fat deposits.


Guavas are your best friend during a slimming diet. These fruits are packed with vitamin C and other antioxidants that contribute to the detoxification of the organism. Shed a few pounds by replacing all the sugary snacks with Guavas. Have this ambrosial treat at hand when you’re lusting after a tasty dessert.

Best Foods for Quick Weight Loss

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