Whether or not you’re worried about your bikini body, summer is an excellent time to lose weight. With plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables available, it’s easier than ever to drop the extra pounds.

Discover the best summer foods for weight loss, snacks and meals that will keep you feeling full while also helping your body burn fat. From delicious fruit to the right ideas for summer drinks, check out some important additions to your diet that can help you lose weight in the warmest months of the year.


Packed with vitamin C, strawberries are an essential summer fruit. You’re also giving you a lot of fiber and important antioxidants. As a fresh snack, they’re sweet and delicious, while also filing with around 47 calories per cup. 

You can also use them for a wide variety of desserts, but make sure you keep the sugar in check if you’re planning on losing weight.


Definitely one of the best summer foods for weight loss, salads can pack a lot of fresh produce, but they can also be a great source for whole-grains. By adding quinoa, bulgur or wheatberry to your salads, you’re helping yourself to one of the most important fat-fighting foods. You can also eat plenty of bean salads, and add flavor to your salads with vinaigrette dressing and low-fat cheese.


With a very high water content, watermelon is the most refreshing snack you’ll find all summer. It might not give you a lot of vitamins and minerals, but eating a lot of watermelon is an excellent way to flush out toxins and lose water weight without a more extreme diet choice. Stay hydrated with this sweet treat and you’re also getting the weight loss benefit.

Summer Vegetables For Weight Loss

Grilled Veggies

For more variety, grill your vegetables. One of the best summer foods for weight loss, grilled vegetables are as delicious whether they’re hot or cold. You can use them in salads, eat them with whole-grain pasta, or in other light summer dishes. The best vegetables for grilling include bell peppers, eggplant, zucchini, onions, garlic and tomatoes.


Forget about red meat and focus on delicious seafood for your summer weight loss plan. Shrimp has the right amount of protein without the extra fat. With only 30 calories per one ounce of shrimp, you can eat four large ones without making a dent in your calorie plan. Shrimp is also rich in vitamin B12, important for weight loss.


Vegetable soups are definitely one of the best summer foods for weight loss, but if you chill them, you’re also getting an extra calorie burning benefit. Whether you puree your vegetables or like them chunky, cold soups are a great way to start a meal. You’re getting plenty of filling fiber, so you’ll end up eating less.

Greek Yogurt

Another secret weapon for weight loss, Greek yogurt gives you more protein along with healthy fats and can a very refreshing summer snack. Don’t buy it with added sugar or any flavors. Keep it simple and natural and add your own flavoring, from fresh fruit to cinnamon.

Summer Fruits For Weight Loss

Healthy Desserts

Take advantage of the season fresh fruit and stick to fruit-based desserts if you want to lose weight this summer. From frozen grapes to more complex desserts that are filled with fruit, you’ll be eating some of the best summer foods for weight loss while still enjoying delicious treats. Don’t simply stick to fresh juices, important that you eat most of the fruit to get its fiber.


Prunes are a delicious treat all year long, but don’t waste the right time to enjoy them as plums. When they’re not dried, plums also have a lot of water, along with fiber and vitamin C. They’re a delicious fresh snack, but you can also use them for your desserts or even sauces. Plums can also have a positive impact on your appetite.

Fresh Beverages

Instead of loading up on empty calories with lots of alcohol, be as careful about what you drink as you are about the best summer foods for weight loss. Stick to white wine spritzers or mix a shot of your favorite liquor with sparkling water and fruit juice for delicious combinations that will help you try new cocktail ideas all summer.

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