Juice cleanses are still regarded with skepticism by medical professionals, but they’re growing in popularity. Whether you want to get detoxed with a juice cleanse in 3 or 5 days, check out some of the best juice cleanse recipes.

The concept behind the juicing cleanse is that you’ll get all the minerals and vitamins you need without having to eat almost 20 pounds of vegetables. Juice cleanses are popular because they promise to flush out toxins and also help you lose weight. If you’re looking for the right juice cleanse, remember that you should always consult your physician before embarking on a severe calorie restricted juice diet, even for just a few days.

Joe Cross’ 3-Day Juice Cleanse

Considered by many the best juice cleanse, the Joe Cross method has been recommended by Dr. Oz and includes 5 juice meals every day, along with one solid meal that should include just fruits and vegetables.

Lunch In A Juice Cleanse

The documentary filmmaker managed to lose 100 pounds in 60 days of juicing, but such an extreme diet isn’t suitable for most people who just want to lose a little weight and detox. For quicker results and less health risks, try the 3 Day Juice Cleanse and discover the excellent juice cleanse recipes recommended by Joe Cross.

Juice Cleanse Recipes

For the 3-Day Juice Cleanse, arguably the best juice cleanse, try these special recipes. All you need to do is put all the ingredients in a blender and drink with or without ice.

Breakfast Juice

3 carrots2 apples1″ ginger

Mid Morning Juice

1 cucumber2 apples4 celery stalks1/2 lemon6-8 Kale leaves1″ ginger

Lunch Juice

4 tomatoes1 red bell pepper1 cucumber2 cups chopped parsley2 celery stalks1 lime1/4 red onion

Afternoon Snack Juice

8 Swiss Chard leaves6-8 Kale leaves6 clementines1 cucumber

Pre-Dinner Juice

1 carrot2 red beats1 sweet potato2 apples1 orange1 red bell pepper

Green Cleanse Juice

Lemon Juice Cleanse

Another top contender for the title of the best juice cleanse is the Lemonade Diet, also known as the Master Cleanse diet. Recommended by Beyoncé, who lost over 20 pounds on it, it can help detox your body fast.

Master Cleanse Juice Recipe:

2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice2 tablespoons organic maple syrup1/10 teaspoon cayenne pepper10 ounces filtered/pure water

If you want to try the lemon juice cleanse, keep in mind that the maximum of 14 days can have unexpected effects on your body. Try it for 4 days if this is your first juicing cleanse.

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