Popular thanks to the combination of quick weight loss while still helping dieters feel full, high protein diets seem to work best in the short run. Once the water weight is gone, your body begins to break down its own fat deposits, but since most protein in these diets comes from animal sources, there are also risks to consider, like higher cholesterol levels.

Check out some of the best high protein diets and decide which one could work best for your diet and lifestyle. While only 12%-18% of calories in regular diets come from protein, these diet plans take it up a notch, even pushing 50%.

Weight Watchers – 26% Protein

One of the most successful weight loss programs in the world, Weight Watchers menus usually include protein that amounts to over a quarter of all calories. Since low-fat foods have less points in the diet plan, you’re encouraged to eat lean protein and lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way to real your goal.

Abs Diet – 28% Protein

If you’re looking for short term weight loss and ab definition, the Abs diet is one of the best high protein diets. Improving your muscle mass is easy since every single meal and snack contains protein, but it’s not recommended for dieters who lack willpower and don’t like strict rules when it comes to planning their meals.

Atkins Diet – 29% Protein

The classic high protein diet created by Dr. Robert Atkins has millions of followers world-wide and is probably the first choice for dieters looking for filling, protein-rich meals that will also help them lose the extra pounds. Side effects include bad breath and a higher risk of cardiovascular problems if the protein also comes with fat.

High Protein South Beach Diet

South Beach Diet – 30% Protein

As low-carb diets go, the South Beach Diet delivers and many consider it one of the best high protein diets. If you decide to give it a try, you’ll be restricted to lean protein from animal sources, along with high-protein desserts made from delicious nuts that also pack healthy fats.

Zone Diet – 30% Protein

With strict dietary guidelines for every meal and snack (30% protein, 40% carbs, 30% healthy fat), the Zone Diet has many fans that consider it one of best high protein diets. It’s the right choice for you if you prefer lean protein and can is also a good option for vegans who can stick to soy meat and tofu.

Biggest Loser Diet – 30% Protein

With three servings of protein every day, the Biggest Loser diet plan get results thanks to its healthy approach to meals. You’ll have to stick to lean protein and eat plenty of whole grains along with vegetables and fruits, but the lack of refined carbs will definitely make an impact and help you lose weight in a sustainable way.

High Protein Beans And Grains

Eco-Atkins Diet – 31% Protein

Based on the original Atkins diet, the eco version replaces all protein from animal sources with beans, nuts, vegetables and grains. It might seem like it lacks variety, but it’s an excellent high protein weight loss diet for vegans and includes everything from broccoli and garbanzo beans to couscous and almonds.

Paleo Diet – 38% Protein

It’s definitely one of the best high protein diets for carnivores, but the Paleo diet also has its detractors, experts who are worried about lack of important nutrients and cardiovascular health. You can eat every type of meat from red to fish, but you’re better off choosing the lean options, including nuts and seeds.

Medifast – 40% Protein

With a whopping 40% of calories derived from protein, the Medifast diet is an extremely low-calorie diet that comes with a full meal plan and plenty of shakes, bars and other products that replace meals. If you’re looking for a diet that works but also places big restrictions on carbs and overall calories, give it a try.

Dukan Diet – 46% Protein

Taking the extreme approach that most of the best high protein diets avoid, the Dukan diet starts off with just protein and slowly reintroduces vegetables, grains and dairy into your meal plan. If you’re willing to leave behind fats and carbs for a diet that also includes organ meat, the Dukan diet promises good weight loss results.

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