Adopting a vegan lifestyle or embracing a healthier diet can be difficult at first. Fortunately, there are a lot of healthy food blogs you can turn to for inspiration. Here is our top 6 best healthy food blogs in 2013.

1. Happy Healthy Life

A strong contender for the best vegan food blogs 2013 short-list, Happy Healthy Life was created by Kathy Patalsky – talented photographer, blogger, and vegan recipe designer. Although not originally meant as a vegan blog, her inspired recipes won her such a large following that it is now exclusively vegan. You can check out her amazing recipe selection at

2. Finding Vegan

Finding Vegan could qualify for the best healthy food blogs selection hands-down. It is actually a website for vegan bloggers, bringing together a host of bloggers and a great variety of healthy recipes. This is a good place to start when you’re contemplating a vegan lifestyle. You’ll find a varied selection of original vegan recipes, as well as vegan versions of more traditional recipes. Check it out at

Millet Vegetarian Meatballs

3. Choosing Raw

Another worthy contender for the best vegan food blog title, Choosing Raw was created by Gena Hamshaw, a certified nutritionist who healed herself of IBS through a vegan diet. Her recipes are mouthwatering and original, while her posts never fail to inspire you. You can see it for yourself at

4. Sprouted Kitchen

Sprouted Kitchen could run for both the best healthy food blogs and the best food blogs selection. It is the work of a couple, where she does the cooking and he takes the appetizing photographs. What makes it special is the fact that their recipes are based on seasonal produce, which is always the healthier and more environmentally-friendly alternative to buying out-of-season, potentially genetically-modified produce. Be sure to visit it at

5. Cookie + Kate

Also worthy of inclusion in the best healthy food blogs selection, Cookie + Kate offers a wide selection of delicious, easy-to-follow vegetarian recipes, which you can whip up without having to look for obscure ingredients. Check it out at

Steamed Vegetables With Rice

6. Chocolate Covered Katie

Our healthy food blogs list wouldn’t be complete without this vegan baking blog, which offers a generous assortment of yummy animal product-free treats, perfect for vegan enthusiasts with a sweet tooth. You can check it out at

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