Dealing with a hangover is never pleasant, especially if you’re supposed to be up and running for work. Find out how to help your body get over the effect of alcohol with the best hangover remedies, scientifically proven to alleviate your symptoms.

Discover which hangover cures are based on scientific facts and which are myths, in order to find the best hangover remedies which work for your metabolism and help you forget about overindulging in alcohol.


If you’ve been drinking non-alcoholic beverages along with your wine, beer or hard liquor, you’re already set for a faster recovery. Alcohol gets your dehydrated and you can also lose important minerals and vitamins along with the water. 

Once the hangover sets in, it’s just as important to keep drinking liquids, especially water. Sports drinks can help replenish your electrolytes, but don’t count solely on them to get you over the hangover. Traditionally, one of the best hangover remedies has been coffee, but if you drink it, drink lots of other liquids too, because coffee is a diuretic that can keep you dehydrated just like alcohol.

Drink Water


The more time you give your body to recover, the less you’ll feel the effects of a bad hangover. If sleeping in is an option, go for it, but make sure that that last thing you do before sleep and the first thing you do when you wake up is to drink plenty of water. If you can’t sleep as much as you’d like to and take advantage of one of the best hangover remedies, be careful to stay away from anything that can disturb your sleep even more than alcohol. Don’t fall asleep with the TV on and close your windows if mornings are noisy in your neighborhood.


Just like coffee works better in fighting a hangover if you’re used drinking it often, exercise is also a good hangover remedy if you’re an active person. You’ll get an endorphin rush that will definitely improve the way you feel, but don’t try to sweat out your hangover without proper hydration. If your exercise routine is too challenging, you’re likely to lose more water than you can get back by drinking water and sports drinks.

Pain Medication

One of the best hangover remedies when you’re dealing with a morning migraine is pain medication, but it’s important to stick to NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). Go for aspirin, ibuprofen or even naproxen, but stay far away from Tylenol. While it does a better job at fighting the symptoms of a hangover, it can also cause liver damage, especially when your liver is busy dealing with the alcohol.

Eat the Right Foods

Greasy foods can actually make you feel worse when you’re hungover, but it’s important to eat some carbs to stabilize blood-sugar levels fast. Go for crackers or pretzels, but add eggs to any post-hangover breakfast. The yolks contain N-acetyl-cysteine, an antioxidant that helps your liver metabolize alcohol faster.

Fruit Juice

Fresh fruit and fruit juice are some of the best hangover remedies, since they replenish your lost vitamins and minerals, while also giving you energy to fight the symptoms of alcohol consumption. If it tastes too acidic, you can also try vegetable juice (especially tomato) or simply water it down before you drink it.


The most important vegetable for hangovers is asparagus. Multiple studies have shown that it can help with symptoms of hangovers whether you eat before or after binge drinking. Asparagus helps your body break down ethanol faster.

Ginger Tea For Hangover

Ginger Tea

When you’re dealing with nausea, ginger tea is one of the quickest ways to fight a hangover. If you don’t have any, try peppermint tea, and avoid sugary ginger drinks which may give you extra energy through the sugar rush, but will also lead to low blood-sugar later in the day.

Milk Thistle Extract

Protecting your liver and helping the alcohol leave your body sooner, milk thistle is one of the best hangover remedies. While the leaves and flowers of milk thistle can be used in salads, you need the seeds to get over a hangover faster. Supplements made from the seeds of this plant are rich in silymarin, a liver protecting ingredient that can help your body detoxify faster.

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