Juicing can be a healthy way to start losing weight, but more often than not, fruits have a bigger impact on your weight loss goals when they’re eaten whole, thanks to the fiber that gets lost in the juicer.

Learn more about the best fruits for weight loss, not just low calorie fruits, but produce which has other important nutrients which can aid you in to drop the extra pounds. Whether they’re high in carbs or healthy fats, these fruits can help you lose weight when eaten in moderation.


So good at weight loss that it actually has diets created around it, grapefruit has only 12 calories per ounce and it’s a great source of vitamin C. The grapefruit’s excellent reputation when it comes to weight loss is based on this fruit’s ability to lower blood sugar levers and help your metabolism burn more fats. And it’s not just a breakfast food, eating half a grapefruit before any meal will help you eat less without dealing with hunger pangs.


Definitely one of the most fatty fruits, avocado is full of healthy omega 9 fatty acids. With 45 calories per ounce, avocado provides important fats that help boots your metabolism. It’s one of the best fruits for weight loss when consumed in moderation. If you overindulge in guacamole, you might not lose weight as fast as you’d like.

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With just 8 calories per ounce of raw fruit without peel, lemons are an ideal choice for many dieters. They can help detoxify your liver, and even if they taste acidic, they’ll turn alkaline once digested. Just like grapefruit, they’ll help boost your metabolism, but will be much less effective if you only drink them as part of sweetened lemonade.


While they have more calories than most fruit, coconut is also packet with fiber. They’re one of the best fruits for weight loss because they can both boost your liver function and improve your thyroid function, both of which are important for a good metabolic rate. The best ways to eat it include shredded and unsweetened coconut meat, along with coconut oil and flour. Avoid low fat coconut milk, since it lacks the most beneficial part of the fruit for weight loss.


High in water and low in carbs, fruits that include watermelons, honey dew melons, cantaloupes, and musk melons can improve your digestion and help detoxify your body. The sweeter they are, the smaller you should keep portions. When consumed in large quantities, they have the same effect on your blood sugar as refined carbs, making you hungry soon after.


Definitely among the best fruits for weight loss, blackberries and blueberries are loaded with fiber, along with powerful antioxidants. They’ll help you feel full for much longer than other sweet snacks, and they contain less than 100 calories per cup, delivers a lot of fiber when compared to other fruits.


High in fiber, pears also have more carbs than other fruit, so you’re better off eating them in the morning, or at least before noon. Most of the fiber is in the peel, so don’t get rid of the skins. Pears can range from around 85 calories for a small one to 135 calories for a big one, so stick to one serving per day.

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One of the best fruits for weight loss when eaten whole, oranges shouldn’t be juiced to often, since you’re getting all the sugar, while losing the fiber. The average orange has 60 calories and it’s much more filling then you eat everything but the peel.


While they’re higher in carbs that other fruits, bananas can also be beneficial to your weight loss efforts when eaten in the morning. Go for slightly green bananas or plantanes, not very ripe, if you want to get a boost to your metabolism thanks to its high content of resistant starch, one of the healthiest types of carbs, which promotes fat burning.


One of the best fruits for weight loss, even though most people think of them as vegetables, tomatoes are high in lycopene, an antioxidants that promotes fat burning, while also fighting free radicals. You can increase the power of lycopene by slightly cooking tomatoes instead of eating them raw.