Great cardio is one of the best fat burners for women, but when you don’t have much time to exercise, it’s very important to eat the right foods that help you lose weight. Check out the best fat burning foods you should start eating right now.

Hot Peppers

Jump start your metabolism with cayenne peppers, one of the best natural fat burners, that’s also used in the Master Cleanse. Add chili or fresh hot peppers to your dishes and you’ll be enjoying a spicy flavor while knowing that it helps you lose weight.

Low-Fat Dairy

Numerous studies have shown that three servings of low-fat dairy makes for one of the best fat burners for women. Thanks to its high content of vitamin D and calcium, yogurt and other low-fat dairy should always be on your shopping list.

Chili Pepper For Burning Fat

Green Tea

Full of antioxidants, green tea is also recognized as one of the best fat burners for women thanks to the way it speeds up the metabolism. Either sip up to four cups per day or go for green tea extract as a great fat burning dietary supplement.

Whole Grains

Full with fibers that take longer to digest than simple carbs, whole grains not only make you feel fuller for longer, but also use up more calories during digestion. Oatmeal, quinoa, brown rice and whole grain cereals should be on your menu.


Eat almonds and other nuts with skins and you get great protein, along with important fatty acids. Nuts and seeds will reduce cravings and they also help you build muscle.


As one of the best fat burners of 2013, grapefruit is the citrus fruit you shouldn’t be ignoring. Eat it along with the white membranes after your peel it and it will also help regulate your blood sugar.

Fatty Fish

Cold water fatty fish are some of the best fat burners for women, whether you go for salmon or stick to tuna or mackerel. You’ll feel fuller after every portion and your metabolism will burn more fat.

Almonds   Great Fat Burners


Enjoy berries all year round, from blueberries to blackberries, and you’ll get a healthy dose of fiber, along with plenty of antioxidants. They’re one of the best fat burning foods and they also keep your appetite in check.

Peanut Butter

Even if you don’t like to snack on nuts, don’t ignore peanut butter. This super fat burning food helps boost testosterone levels, which in turn help burn fat and are the most important hormone when it comes to building muscle.

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