Many crash diets promise great short-term results, but the weight loss progress you make is rarely sustainable, and your healthy might suffer from severe calorie restrictions. If you’re looking to lose weight that you actually keep off, try the best diets to lose 15 pounds fast.

These 10 options have the best scores for short-term results according to U.S. News, and they’re also among the best overall diets. If your weight loss goal is to drop 15 pounds and keep them off, they also include enough variety in order to help you make the right choice for your lifestyle.

Biggest Loser Diet

If you think you can keep a good journal and you’re more likely to stick to a diet that doesn’t absolutely exclude any food groups, then the Biggest Loser weight loss plan is one of the best diets to lose 15 pounds fast. This balanced diet can get you in shape in size weeks, but it’s not always easy to follow or cheap.

Atkins Diet

Definitely one of the best diets to lose weight fast, the Atkins diet is a low-carb plan that can help you drop to your desired weight in just two weeks. You can enjoy fatty foods as long as they’re all carnivore options, but the calorie restrictions can make this diet a difficult weight loss plan for those who are less motivated to stick to it beyond a few days.

Best Diets For Fast Weight Loss

Weight Watchers

If you’re looking for a flexible plan that helps you stay motivated, Weight Watchers is one of the best diets to lose 15 pounds fast. The balanced diet works around the point system, which can get tedious, but you’re likely to get rid of the extra weight in 6-7 weeks while also enjoying your favorite treats in moderation.

Jenny Craig

If you’re looking for diets to lose weight fast and take out all the guesswork, Jenny Craig is a solid plan, that delivers prepackaged meals and helps you lose up to 2 pounds every week, but it’s not aimed at dieters who like to eat out. The Jenny Craig diet can also get expensive, but it does deliver when it comes to short term weight loss.

Eco-Atkins Diet

Definitely one of the best diets to lose 15 pounds fast, the Eco-Atkins Diet is the vegetarian spin on the effective Atkins diet. Instead of getting most of your calories from animal products, you can fill up on fiber, and overall it’s a less restrictive weight loss plan than the original. Eating high-protein plants and keeping away from carbs will help you lose the extra pounds in under 2 months.

South Beach Diet

Another popular low carb diet, the South Beach plan is much more effective in just two weeks, helping you lose up to 13 pounds in 14 days. It’s a very restrictive diet, and you’ll spend a lot of time planning and cooking your meals, but you won’t have to count calories or skip dessert.

Raw Food Diet

If you’d like to make some healthy changes in the way you eat, the Raw Food plan is one of the best diets to lose 15 pounds fast. This low-calorie diet can be difficult to follow, both because of its extensive rules, and because it means you’re basically going vegan. If you’re looking for a convenient diet, this one isn’t the best fit for you.

15 Pounds Weight Loss Fast

Spark Solution Diet

One of the best ways to make your weight loss a long term reality is to stay fit, and the Spark Solution diet offers helpful guidance when it comes to fitness. You probably won’t reach your goal in the first two weeks of the diet, but this structured diet was designed specifically for dieters who quickly fall off the bandwagon.


One of the best diets to lose 15 pounds fast for dieters who aren’t fans of portion control, the Volumetrics diet allows you to eat as much as you usually do, just in a healthier way. It won’t help most dieters reach their goal in just 6 weeks, but it’s less restrictive than other diets and the meal plan will keep you feeling full.


A low calorie diet that’s mostly based on Medifast products and one home-cooked meal each day, this diet can help you get to your target weight in a month or less, but it’s not for everyone. With plenty of shakes and snack bars, the Medifast diet won’t make you count calories, but if you’re looking for variety, it’s probably not your best bet.