While you won’t find many diet plans for picky eaters, since most of them have unique issues with food, you can start losing weight by applying a few simple and effective tips to your weight loss program, from portion control to better exercising.

Discover the best diet tips for picky eaters, that will help you out even when you’re not interested in many healthy foods that other dieters use with great success in their weight loss plans.

1. Portion Control

When you’re very finicky about going outside of your food comfort zone, portion control is one of the best ways to lose weight while still eating your favorite foods. Start paying attention to portion sizes, especially when it comes to cereal, bread and other carbs. 

Keep your meat portions down to the size of deck of playing cards and start adding healthy snacks in between meals once you reduce portions.

Picky Eaters Diet Tricks

2. Drink Away Your Hunger

One of the best diet tips picky eaters is drinking more liquid, mostly water and tea. Drinking a glass of water 15 minutes before a meal will also help you feel full faster, while green tea and herbal teas will provide you with important antioxidants that might be missing from your diet. Green tea is particularly helpful when dieting, but only if you drink it without adding sugar or honey. Still to no-calorie artificial sweeteners if you don’t like it unsweetened.

3. Eat Slower and Chew Your Food for Longer

Sitting down and focusing on your meal might be the best change you make in your new diet plan for picky eaters. Chewing your food for longer will help maintain satiety, and if you focus on the food, and now your TV, computer or any other distraction, including work, you’re also less likely to overeat.

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4. Try New Healthy Foods

Eating healthier will lead to weight loss, especially when those healthy options include vegetables with lots of fiber. Start by trying out foods you haven’t had since your childhood. Just because you didn’t like something once doesn’t mean you should avoid it for life. Once of the best diet tips picky eaters is to try one new thing from the produce isle of your supermarket or from the farmer’s market every week.

5. Improve Your Favorite Recipes

There are plenty of changes you can make to your favorite recipes when you’re on a diet plan for picky eaters. Starts by substituting sugar in desserts for more natural sweeteners, including agave, stevia, maple syrup or molasses. Switch from refined carbs to whole grains and replace all the dairy products with their low-fat versions.

Trying Out New Foods As Picky Eaters

6. Gradually Introduce New Foods

As long as a new healthy food doesn’t make you gag, you should try it again. One of the best diet tips picky eaters is to introduce healthy foods gradually. Add a new vegetables to pasta sauce or a new fruit to your breakfast, and keep making substitutions instead of going for the all or nothing approach which makes so many dieters fail in their weight loss plan.

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7. Make Substitutions You Won’t Notice

When you’re cooking your own meals, start making subtle substitutions and trying out new ingredients. A very important change is using healthier cooking oils, from olive and flax seed oil to canola oil. If you like the taste of potatoes baked in olive oil, you can say goodbye to junk food like chips. One of the best best diet tips for picky eaters is reducing your intake of trans and saturated fats.

8. Hide Ingredients

One of the best tricks for picky eaters who don’t cook their own meals is to simply try modified dishes without knowing what’s inside. You might discover that you actually love or at least tolerate foods you never thought you’d try. Try one of the best diet tips picky eaters and sneak in new vegetables in pasta sauce and soup.

Diet Advice For Picky Eaters

9. Grow Your Own Food

Tending to your own small garden might help you expand your food horizons. You can plant plenty of herbs, along with cherry tomatoes and berries, in pots and then harvest them fresh for your meals. Seeing them grow in your own home or yard might convince you to give them a chance.

10. Lose Weight by Exercising More

Even when you’re following all the best diet tips picky eaters, the one thing that makes the biggest difference is exercise. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator to simply walking for 15-20 minutes every day is a good start, but to reach your weight loss goal, you might need to get into cardio and strength training.