While sodas, fried foods, cruciferous vegetables and artificial sweeteners can make you feel bloated, there are plenty of foods that can counteract them and get your belly flat for bikini season.

Check out some of the best best anti-bloating foods and drinks, that will help get your digestive system back on track and reduce not just bloating, but also gas and diarrhea. From plain yogurt and asparagus to ginger and fennel seeds, here are the best natural options that can help you beat bloating.

1. Active Culture Yogurt

Natural and plain yogurt, with live and active cultures is one of the best ways to beat bloating. If you’re eating flavored yogurt with artificial sweeteners, you might actually contribute to your belly bloat. Mix low-fat plain yogurt with fruit if you want a sweeter and more flavorful snack. Eat it every day throughout bikini season and you’ll successfully fight any bloating.

2. Asparagus

One of the best anti-bloating foods, asparagus is an excellent natural diuretic. It doesn’t just help you flush the excess water, asparagus also has a beneficial effect in your digestive system thanks to its high fiber content. This vegetable is also a prebiotic, helping maintain the natural gut flora, while also reducing gas.

3. Bananas

If you eat a lot of sodium, then you definitely need some more potassium in order to keep the water balance and avoid retention and bloating. Counteract the salty snacks that you won’t give up by eating a ripe banana. You can also add it to plan yogurt for a double whammy that will definitely make a big impact in your bloating situation.

4. Papaya

Thanks to its high papain content, raw papaya is also one of the best anti-bloating foods. It can also have a positive impact on your skin, while also flattening your belly. While eating too much papaya can actually cause gas, a few slices for breakfast should help you fight the bloat without any unwanted side effects.

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5. Herbal Tea

When you’re struggling with inflammation in your digestive tract, there are plenty of herbal teas that can make a different and soothe your stomach and intestines. Your top choices are peppermint and chamomile tea, since they help relax muscles in your digestive system and eliminate the gas that’s keeping you bloated. Other great herbal teas that can help include dandelion root tea, fennel seed tea and lemon balm tea.

6. Fennel Seeds

They’re one of the best anti-bloating foods, and you can either drink tea made from fennel seeds or add them to your meals. You can find them in breads and add them to oatmeal or simply chew on the seeds at the end of a meal. Used for centuries in Eastern medicine, fennel seeds have a great track record when it comes to relieving bloating.

7. Lemon

Drinking lemon water every morning is one of the best ways to keep your digestive system on track and avoid bloating. Lemon juice can help out when you feel bloated, and it also delivers plenty of vitamin C. Start your day with lemon water when you want to keep your belly flat and look your best in a bikini.

8. Cucumber

Another natural diuretic, cucumbers are one of the best anti-bloating foods since they can also help you fight water retention. Thanks to quercetin, an antioxidant that can reduce swelling, cucumbers are great for under eye bags, but they’ll also have a similar effect on your belly if you include them in your salads.

9. Apple Cider Vinegar

Whether you use it in your salads or drink it diluted in water in the morning, apple cider vinegar can have an excellent effect on your digestive system and can help fight bloating. When you’re already facing other digestive issues and bloating is just one symptom, try drinking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a room temperature glass of water every morning.

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10. Ginger

The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger make it one of the best anti-bloating foods, since it can improve your digestion and also reduce gas. Whether you add fresh ginger to your recipes or drink ginger root tea, you’ll be able to benefit from this great flat belly booster and look your best during bikini season.