Clay detox methods are highly rated in herbal medicine and the bentonite clay is one good example of natural products useful for detoxification. Some animals actually eat clay to clean their gut system when they get sick. This helps them remove poisonous substances and recover from illness and distress. Bentonite clay has recently gained more popularity due to its great efficiency in external and internal detox.

How to Choose the Best Bentonite Clay

Montmorillonite or Bentonite Clay is usually used as an ingredient in skin care masks, clay poultice, bath beauty treatment or mud pack. This detox clay is actually aged volcanic ash, named after the region where you can find the largest deposit of bentonite clay - Fort Benton, Wyoming.

A good quality betonite clay should have a cream or grayish shade. If the color of the bentonite clay is too light (almost white), than don't buy it. When you touch this great detox clay, you're impressed with its fine texture.

Betonite clay should be odorless and non-staining if you purchase it in the natural and pure form.

Betonite Clay

Bentonite Clay Detox Benefits

Bentonite clay detox benefits derive from the interesting reaction the ash makes when coming in contact with fluids. This detox clay produces an electrical charge when hydrated and this gives the bentonite clay its toxin-absorption capacity.

When the electrical components of bentonite clay change, this natural product is able to remove chemicals, impurities, toxins and heavy metals in an instant. In other words, bentonite acts like a huge sponge that cleans living organisms of harmful substances.

Another great benefit of bentonite clay is that it oxygenates body cells, eliminating the extra hydrogen and replacing it with oxygen. And there's more: this detox clay cures gastrointestinal disturbances (bloating, constipation, acid reflux etc.) or skin issues and allergy signs, provides essential minerals for your body (calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron and silica) and speeds up detoxification and the recovery from vomiting/diarrhea.

Betonite Clay Facial Mask

Bentonite Clay Detox Recipe

The bentonite clay detox recipe is quite simple. All you have to do is dissolve one teaspoon of betonite clay in a regular glass of water. For the best dissolution, you can add the bentonite clay in a glass jar filled with water and closed with a plastic lid, then shake well the container.

Drink this detox clay each morning and you'll soon notice you have more energy and a noticeable improved digestion.

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