The benefits of eating fish has been a hot topic lately, especially since ongoing research continues to uncover interesting correlations between fish consumption and unexpected health improvements or reductions in the risk of developing several disorders due to the omega-3 fatty acids fish contains. If you’re thinking about whether it’s worth making fish a part of your diet or not, these benefits of eating fish regularly might convince you:

Heart disease prevention

A Danish study on 49,000 women uncovered an interesting correlation between fish consumption and heart problems: those who ate fish at least once a week had 50% less heart problems than those who ate little or no fish. Moreover, fish consumption increases HDL cholesterol levels, which is why eating fish can boost cardiovascular health.

Fish And Vegetables

Diminishing depression

Another interesting study revealed that women who ate fish twice a week were 25% less likely to suffer from depression. However, no such correlation was found in men. Researchers theorize that omega-3 fatty acids in fish could work with female hormones to raise serotonin levels and consequently improve mood.

Decreased inflammation

It is believed that the Omega 3 fatty acids contained by fish help regulate your body’s inflammation cycle through various mechanisms and might even be helpful in decreasing symptoms for painful conditions like arthritis, prostatitis and cystitis, which is perhaps one of the most impressive health benefits of eating fish.

Better skin

There are even benefits of eating fish for skin. Eating salmon, herring, mackerel, sardines or anchovies regularly may help fortify skin cell membranes, protect against sun damage, and may also reduce the risk of certain forms of skin cancer, provided fish isn’t cooked in unhealthy ways.

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Decreased risk of premature births

The baby’s developing brain and vision benefits from fish consumption, provided fish species high in mercury are avoided. Pregnant women should avoid shark, marlin, swordfish, escolar and orange roughy as they are high in mercury. Catfish, salmon, haddock, tilapia are a few choices that are lower in mercury.

Lowering certain cancer risks

Reduced risk of colon and rectal cancers might be among the benefits of eating fish regularly as long as fish is not barbecued or grilled over high heat, which can actually increase the risk of disease. It is yet unclear whether the same applies to taking fish oil capsules.

Protecting vision

According to a study, another benefit of eating fish regularly could be that this eating habit can help protect vision. Consuming oily fish has been linked with a lower risk of age-related loss of vision. Researchers believe that the protective effect is due to the DHA acid found in oily fish such as mackerel, herring, tuna, trout or sardines.

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