Eating disorders are very common, more and more teens are engaged into either mild or drastic fat flush diets. However they might not be aware of the dangers these regularly cause. Smoking and drugs are the best known factors that can cause addiction. Though it must be also added that these are not the only ones, dieting can also launch a vicious circle and some might not be get pleased with their shape ever. Spiritual struggles often result in radical and dangerous illnesses that both damage the body and soul.

Diet addicts or people suffering from ‘orthorexia’ have a different kind of eating disorder. Indeed the majority of society is not familiar with the gravity of it. Those who suffer from this illness have a real obsession for ‘pure and healthy’ food. These are the basic signs of being orthorexic.

More it seems to develop a real fixation that can spoil their appetite to an extent that they are reluctant to eat ingredients that were not prescribed by the diet they follow on the moment.

Celebrities are often associated with this illness since some of them have a real fixation with certain foods. By creating their own diet, they seem to find the remedy for challenging their orthorexia.

The term in fact originates from the Greek word ‘ortho’ which means ‘correct’. Dr. Steve Bratman was the one who invented the term to name this quickly growing group of people in our society.

Diet addicts seem to interpret the word in its largest sens, namely that eating the correct or right food is the only means to stay healthy and in shape.

Orthorexic people are extremely cautious with the quality of the food rather than quantity. They seem to restrain their meals to organic food lacking any additives, pesticides or other artificial ingredients. Some might also consider foods rich in fat and sugar really dirty.

This eating disorder launches a whole process, a diet junkie person will spend hours with preparing his favorite and ‘pure’ meal.The way of preparation as well as packaging is also essential. Soon they become trapped into this obsession with tiny details. It can also lead to isolation and remorse crises if the person consumed sweets or processed food considered ‘dirty’.

Orthorexia is not a hidden illness, celebrities and average people too, seem to be proud of their refined taste for certain foods. The diets invented by them soon launch mass movements. In fact this illness is claimed to appear more often then other eating disorders as bulimia and anorexia.Creating the new world order is only one step towards more tragic results. However it seems that people just can’t get enough of the latest inventions in nutrition.

These people tend to spend as much time with organizing their nutritional plan as bulimic or anorexic people. Moreover they become extremely critical when attending a restaurant. Other people preparing their meal, seems a no-no act. If not led to extremes this disorder won’t result in tragedies, however some people might become intolerant when it comes of the eating habits of others.

If you feel that you’ll fulfill the majority of these principles, you’re highly recommended to contact a professional who’ll help you in fighting this new craze that slowly infects the whole world.