Losing weight and eating healthier require adjustments, often plenty of them. But trying to do all at once can be actually counter-intuitive as it requires a lot of effort on your part. Too many restrictions can easily bring dissatisfaction and a sense of deprivation which will invariably lower your motivation. Making some changes automatic and adding new things slowly can eliminate some of the natural resistance most of us have towards change and ultimately produce positive effects.

Both practical tricks and psychology based-ones can have an important effect on the way you feel and act, so keeping an open mind and addressing the problems you have from several points of view can be a great way to improve your chances of success. Some of the following diet tricks might prove to be helpful for getting you to stick with your plans a little easier:

Repeat meals Repeating some meals has the benefit of eliminating the endless question of “What should I eat today?” and can also be a great way to use those leftovers, thus saving money on food. However, even if you choose not to make use of those leftovers, the real benefit of using this technique is that you will end up eating less, without even noticing.

In a study, volunteers who ate mac and cheese for 5 days, ended up consuming approximately 20% less calories in the final day of the study, due to the fact that the stimuli did not produce the same effects when monotony occurred. Choosing healthy and delicious food and repeating it often can have the same effect.

Chewy snacks Not all snacks are created equally, so choosing wisely is vital. Chewy snacks tend to have an advantage over softer snacks, as they usually trigger the sense of satisfaction when eating a lot more easily. If you choose healthy snacks, chewy is often synonym with high in fiber, which means you will feel fuller as a result with few calories.

Beans for flat belly It’s a well known fact that beans are a fabulous source of protein and dietary fiber, but you might not be aware that it can also help you shed belly fat easier. Researchers have discovered that for every 10 grams of soluble fiber consumed daily, the chances of developing belly fat decreased by 3.7%, so including these delicious ingredients in your diet is certainly worth trying.

Limit sweets to less than three times a week Limiting processed foods and calorie-rich desserts might seem like a no-brainer, however allowing yourself to eat sugary treats only once a week can lead to binging. On the other hand, consuming sweet indulgences on a bi-weekly basis, for example, can help you avoid feeling deprived and overcompensating.

Use a mirror It’s funny how little things can have a dramatic influence on our behavior and this trick focuses exactly on this. In one study, hanging a mirror on the opposite side of the table caused participants to eat almost a third less food than before. So if you think you might be underestimating portions, this inexpensive trick can be a reliable way to make a difference in your eating habits painlessly.

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