Describe your cravings Thinking about healthy substitutions for your favorite foods is an excellent strategy to avoid feeling deprived. However, there are times when a healthy low calorie replica of your favorite treat simply won’t cut it. In times like these, an accurate description of the particular type of food you are craving for can help you select the best treat and help you feel satisfied with less. Crunchy and sweet? Salty and soft? Think about texture and qualities beyond simple taste.

Take pics A diet journal can be immensely effective in helping you track your eating habits. However, taking photos of the food you are about to eait can be more effective than simply trying to recall every morsel. A more accurate description of the food quantity you ingested can literally be worth a thousand words.

Try a ribbon French women are renowned for the their flattering silhouette despite their seemingly indulgent eating style. However, it seems that a simple trick can be part of the secret that contributes to their dieting success. Tying a ribbon around the waist can become an automatic portion control cue, preventing you from overeating. Tight fitting pants can accomplish a similar goal.

Limit food variety We like to be able to choose from many alternatives, yet this natural psychological tendency can quickly backfire when dieting. Numerous studies show that we tend to eat more when we have several choices in front of us, which can explain the tendency to overeat at parties and other social events, therefore consciously limiting the number of foods we have in our house can help us stay true to our goals.

Avoid testing samples on products you don’t intend to buy It’s no secret that the foods that are usually sampled are not the healthiest ones around. While a quick sample might not seem like a big deal, a single morsel can pack a surprising amount of calories. Even more importantly, however, you will be more likely to purchase that particular product and even develop a taste preference for it.

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