These types of foods are usually rich in fiber, vitamins and antioxidants, great nutrients that can keep your body healthy. That's why you might want to consider increasing your regular intake of negative calorie foods, starting with these interesting suggestions.


You should certainly include asparagus to your negative calorie foods diet. This vegetable acts like a good diuretic, thus flushing water out of your body. Moreover, asparagus has a chemical that helps break down fat cells, so it can ultimately help you get rid of a couple of pounds. And if you're still not convinced, this food has other properties that you might find appealing: it can protect your skin against premature aging and reduce inflammation.


Don't hesitate to include lemons on your negative calorie foods list. These fruits are excellent sources of vitamin C and can help cleanse your body. Furthermore, lemons can boost your immune system and can protect your body against infections. That being said, you should start your day by pouring freshly squeezed lemon juice into warm water and drink it. You'll feel more energized and you'll be able to easily focus on your daily tasks.

Fresh Asparagus With Negative Calories


Apples should also be included among those negative calorie intake foods. Just think about it: a medium-sized apple usually contains about 100 calories and it takes 120 to digest. Plus, apples are great sources of vitamin C and are packed with antioxidants. Thus, you should start increasing your regular apple intake, as this fruit can help not only satisfy your sweet tooth, but also lower cholesterol.


The list of negative calorie foods wouldn't be complete without this great vegetable. The nutritive broccoli has only 50 calories per cup and it's filled with vitamins A and C. Besides that, this food is an amazing source of folic acid, calcium and fiber. It can help control high blood pressure and prevent colon cancer. Bearing all these properties in mind, you should certainly start eating this vegetable more often.

Arugula For Weight Loss


Take a look at another amazing negative calorie food. Cucumbers have about 15 calories per cup, therefore you won't have to worry about gaining extra weight. You should make sure to consume their skin as well, because it's rich in fiber. You can eat them as part of a refreshing vegetable salad or as a healthy snack between meals.


Lettuce is one of the best negative calorie foods worth mentioning. It's filled with water and has 8 calories per cup. In addition to this, lettuce is packed with iron and magnesium, essential elements if you want to keep your body healthy. And if all of the above convinced you, you should consider increasing your regular lettuce intake.


Here's to another important negative calorie intake food. Arugula is a peppery green that's packed with fiber and is also very rich in vitamins A, C and K. Besides these good nutrients, it has only 4 calories per cup. Considering all these pieces of information, you should start consuming more arugula. You can opt for a tasty salad or a delicious low calorie soup, either way, you'll be pleased with your choice.

Red Cabbage With Negative Calories


This tasty negative calorie food has about 22 calories per cup. Cabbage is very high in vitamins, fiber, minerals and phytonutrients that are believed to prevent cancer. This vegetable is also rich in sulphoraphane, a strong anti-carcinogenic, as well as in glucosinolate, an element that detoxifies your body. Thus, if you want to boost your metabolism, you should consider eating more purple cabbage. This food is packed with anthocyanins, natural chemicals that encourage cellular repair and prevent cancer.

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