If you want to get rid of a couple of pounds, it would be best to mix a healthy diet with a personalized workout routine. Luckily for you, there are certain products that can speed-up this process, due to their special properties. Check out now 8 of the best natural fat burning foods.

Natural Fat Burning Foods to Lose Weight: Almonds

What makes almonds one of those natural fat burning foods to lose weight? According to specialists, these nuts can help curb your appetite. So, when you don’t feel that hungry, you’ll probably eat less calories and you’ll start losing weight. Moreover, studies have revealed the fact that, if you eat two ounces of almonds, you’ll most likely reduce your appetite.

Natural Weight Loss Foods: Avocado

Avocado Salad

You should also include avocado amongst the best natural weight loss foods. The monounsaturated fat that avocado contains will make cell membranes plumper, thus enabling a better communication with fat burning hormones. In addition, this food can boost your metabolism and protect you against free radicals.

If you want to give it a try, there are lot of recipes available. You can opt for a very nutritive avocado smoothie or you can enjoy a tasty breakfast by mixing half of this excellent product with tomatoes and sea salt. Either way, you’ll get to make the most of this great food.

Natural Metabolism Boosting Foods: Chia Seeds

It’s high time you met this natural metabolism boosting food! Chia seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, protein and fiber, good and healthy elements that make these seeds effective appetite suppressants. They’ll also increase your metabolism’s activity and will help turn on glucagon, a fat burning hormone. This being said, it’s recommended to soak chia seeds for about 15 minutes. This will help them swell up, so after eating some, you’ll probably feel full.

You can consume this special food as an energy bar between meals or before going to the gym. Another good way is to prepare a delicious pudding, by mixing it with coconut milk and raw almonds.

Natural Fat Burners: Oysters


Oysters are also amazing natural fat burners you should take a look at. They are low in calories and are packed with zinc. And you might want to know that this mineral, zinc, can help reduce your appetite and sweet tooth! That’s why you should increase your oysters intake if you want to lose some pounds. In addition, you can eat them raw, but don’t forget to squeeze a bit of lemon over.

Natural Fat Burning Food: Spinach

Like all the other green vegetables, spinach is also a natural fat burning food. It’s very rich in fiber and low in calories, so you’ll get to eat less because you’ll enjoy the feeling of satiation. Plus, spinach is a great source of minerals and its phytonutrients have amazing anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer benefits for your health.

Natural Fat Burning Food to Lose Weight: Oatmeal

Don’t hesitate to add oatmeal to your daily diet. It’s important to know that this natural fat burning food aids weight loss as it is rich in fiber. This healthy nutrient will make you feel full for a longer period of time. Moreover, oatmeal is also believed to keep blood sugar levels under normal parameters. This way, you won’t get hungry again for quite some time.

Natural Fat Burner: Coffee

Studies have revealed the fact that this natural fat burner can stimulate adrenaline, which can ultimately help burn fat. Also, it would be best if you drank your coffee black, because milk can take away from its fat burning properties. Besides that, drinking more than one cup of coffee daily might interfere with your body’s ability to regulate insulin. Thus, it would be best to stick to one cup a day.

Natural Weight Loss Food: Raspberries

When it comes to natural weight loss foods, raspberries should also be taken into account. They’re packed with pectin and fiber which will make you feel full throughout the day. You should start consuming them daily, at breakfast, mixed with low fat plain yogurt.

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