Asian women look amazing and ageless, making people around the world envy their genes. But it’s not all about genetics, Naomi Moriyama, the co-author of ‘Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat’, says. In fact, the secret is the Japanese cooking style. Check out these great Japanese diet tips for women.

Japanese Diet Secrets for Women: Seaweed

One of the most important Japanese diet secrets for women is eating seaweed. You should know that this food is a great source of nutrients, ranging from potassium to vitamin C and from calcium to beta-carotene. So, a regular Japanese meal includes seaweed, a great nutritive food source.

Probably one of the best Japanese diet tips for women is to add seaweed in your diet if you want to get one step closer to looking ever-youthful.

Japanese Diet Tip: Fish

Japanese Diet

Eating fish should also be included amongst the best Japanese diet tips for women because it’s a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. You shouldn’t say no to salmon, tuna, mackerel or herring, great foods that help reduce the risk of heart disease and breast cancer.

Begin a healthy nutrition program using this Japanese women diet tip and get ready to enjoy sushi-themed parties with your loved ones!

Diet Tips for Women: Drinking Green Tea

Here’s one easy-to-follow diet tip for women: drinking green tea. There’s an important cultural activity called the Japanese Tea Ceremony held in Japan. This ritual involves the preparation and presentation of matcha, a powdered green tea. So, if you want to follow this Japanese women’s diet advice, you should start drinking green tea, a great source of antioxidants that will keep your body healthy and toned.

Great Japanese Diet Tip: Soy

Soy is also essential for the Japanese everyday meals. You can add this great Japanese women diet tip to your regular diet routine and you won’t regret it because soy is a great protein source that will provide you with a lot of energy. Don’t hesitate to eat some tofu, miso soup or edamame, a mixture of boiled soybeans served while still in their pod.

Japanese Diet Foods: Vegetables

Vegetable Diet

A healthy Japanese diet also includes vegetables which are amazing nutritive sources. Asian women like their vegetables cooked or steamed, and they simply adore eggplants, carrots, spinach, white radish, shitake mushrooms and bamboo shoots. And the best part about these great Japanese diet foods for women is that they’re often served with tasty sauces.

Easy Diet Tip for Women: Rice

When it comes to Japanese diets for women, rice plays a very important role as it’s served with almost every meal. Rice is a low fat carb that will fill you up rapidly, thus leaving little room for bad foods such as pastries or candies. And here’s another great Japanese diet secret: cook the rice without using oil or butter.

Best Diet Tips for Women: Don’t Rush

One of the best Japanese diet secrets is eating slowly and enjoying every single bite. You can also try eating with chopsticks as this will also help slow down the eating process. Therefore, it’s better to take your time and enjoy your meals with your family and friends then swallow the food without savoring its flavors as this way you’ll get to spend quality time together and you’ll also stay fit.

Good Japanese Diet Tips for Women: Small Portions

According to the book ‘Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat’, one of the best Japanese diet tips for women is eating small food portions. There’s a great balance between low calorie foods and the way they’re served in beautifully adorned small plates. So, you’ll get to eat smaller portions and you’ll enjoy the so-called ‘eat with your eyes’ rule, as Naomi Moriyama describes it. This is definitely one the best Japanese diet tips for women because it offers you the chance to decrease the calorie intake, therefore, get back in shape without having to turn to restrictive diets for help.

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