Mindless snacking can be dangerous if you’re not paying extra attention to the calorie content of various ingredients. Instead of torturing yourself with complicated calculations, all you have to do is make a list of the following 7 very low calorie foods for weight loss and keep it at hand when looking for healthy snacks. Sugar and fat can be your worst enemies when committing yourself to a well-defined weight loss plan. Pamper your senses with these nutritive and accessible weight loss foods.

1. Celery Stuffed with Cottage Cheese

Celery is your best friend when it comes to getting slim in the quickest way. Stuff these ambrosial green veggies with cottage cheese to make sure your breakfast or in-between-main-meals-snack gives you a sense of satiety to resist the temptation of munching. Three sticks of celery combined with cottage cheese contain no more than 75 calories.

2. Tomato Soup

Have a bowl of your favorite tomato soup to stick to your slimming objectives. Soups are filling and will help you control your hunger.

One bowl of this tasty soup contains no more than 74 calories. Incorporate this meal idea into your slimming project for dazzling results.

3. Baby Carrots and 2tbs of Hummus

Embed these healthy ingredients into your eating regime to secure the success of your weight loss project.

Combine baby carrots with 2 tbs of hummus into a delicious snack to resist the temptation of cravings. This meal has no more than 100 calories and proves to be the perfect diet food option to shrink your waist without even noticing it.

4. English Muffin

If you’re a real grazer and you just can’t resist the temptation of cookies and pastry products, go for English muffins. These delicious treats contain no more than 68 calories and serve as the perfect substitute for high-calorie bagels or normal muffins.

5. Cherries

Fruits should definitely feature in your eating regime. If you want to go for the low-calorie ones, opt for cherries. ½ cup of sour cherries contains 40 calories, whereas the same amount of sweet cherries has 60 calories. Indulge in a mesmerizing gourmet experience by keeping these tasty fruits at hand.

6. Jaffa Cakes

Are you in a quest for a delicious snack you can have each time cravings overwhelm you? Jaffa cakes when consumed in a moderate amount will help you lose weight dramatically. One cake contains only about 45 calories. Keep these delicious desserts at hand to pamper your tasting buds with tasty snacks.

7.Eggs Stuffed with Guacamole

Cut a hard-boiled egg in two and remove the yolk, then stuff it with 2tbs of guacamole. Prepare your homemade guacamole from avocado, salt, lime and cilantro. Have this low-calorie diet meal when you want to resist the temptation of munching. These ingredients when fused into a delicious meal will keep you full for hours.

Very Low Calorie Foods

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