Your weight loss project can be sabotaged by numerous factors. One is definitely the inappropriate nutritional plan packed with extra calories and fat. The secret to get slimmer in the most efficient way is to build up your own eating plan. The following list of 7 must have diet foods for weight loss will ease your task when selecting the most nutritive ingredients which should be consumed to burn fat more quickly.


This low-carb veggie helps you get rid of extra pounds more quickly. ½ cup of eggplant contains no more than 15 calories. Prepare delicious salads and main meals using this green ingredient in order to keep your blood sugar on the ideal level. Eggplant gives you a sense of satiety for a long period of time offering you the chance to fight cravings.

2. Blood Oranges

Numerous studies demonstrated the healthy benefits of this delicious fruit.

Blood oranges contain 70 calories and loads of healthy fiber which is essential for the proper functioning of your metabolism and digestive system. Consume the fresh fruit rather than the juice to make the most of your slimming diet plan.

3. Whole Wheat Pasta

Get the necessary amount of protein for your organism from a delicious meal prepared with whole wheat pasta.

Combine this element with vitamin-rich veggies and natural low-calorie sauces to tame your hunger for nutritive meals. Whole grains should be definitely embedded into an efficient slimming plan.

4. Black Eyed Peas

Re-think your favorite meal recipes and incorporate black eyed peas into your weekly menu. ½ cup of these peas contains no more than 80 calories. Discover the nutritional effect of healthy veggies to pack your organism with foliate and fiber to ease the task of your organism to break down fat deposits.

5. Star Fruit

There’s always room for experimenting with brand new aromas. Therefore, purchase a few star fruits to explore the ambrosial taste of these ingredients. Combine them with other nutritive fruits or eat them alone. The greatest benefit besides the high vitamin-content is the fact that star fruits contain no more than 29 calories.

6. Black Rice

Embrace a healthy weight loss eating plan by incorporating black rice into your menu. These ingredients have a higher antioxidant content than blueberries. Therefore, make sure you look for delicious recipes which use black rice rich in vitamin E and fiber. One generous serving of black rice contains 170 calories.

7. Oysters

Oysters are packed with zinc and protein. Use these tasty ingredients to prepare nutritive salads and main meals. 6 medium sized oysters contain no more than 57 calories. Team up these diet foods with lemon juice and other green veggies to control your hunger and save yourself from in-between-meals cravings.

7 Must Have Diet Foods

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