The most influential diet experts provide you with the simplest solutions to get rid of extra pounds. No need to downsize your meals or experiment with extreme methods to trim calories in your diet. Use the following 7 easy daily weight loss tips if you want to have fun while working on your dream silhouette.

1. Healthy Salads

Eliminate mayo from your meal plan and prepare delicious chicken or egg salads with yogurt and exotic spices. Mayonnaise is your worst enemy when it comes to slimming. Save hundreds of calories by making this smart ingredient swap.

2. Four Egg Yolks per Week

One of the secrets to lose weight rapidly is to limit the consumption of high-fat ingredients. In order to get rid of a few stubborn pounds eat only four egg yolks per week. If you’re fond of eggs, use only the whites in order to save hundreds of calories.

3. Strawberries as Late-Night Snacks

Are you lusting after a late-night snack? Skip sugary desserts and opt for strawberries. These fruits are extremely low in calories and high in fiber.

Curb your cravings with healthy diet foods. If you want to add variety to your meal plan, you can also choose other members of the berry family as the perfect nightly treat.

4. Cooked Veggies in Pasta Sauce

Skip the consumption of creamy sauces and experiment with the healthy version of these meals.

Prepare a delicious tomato-based pasta sauce and add cooked veggies to it. Team up the sauce with whole-wheat pasta to strip off a few extra pounds without sweating.

5. Slow-To-Eat Foods

Control your urge to overeat by keeping slow-to-eat foods at hand. Whole fruits, spicy and hot soups along with uncut lean meat serve as the perfect alternatives to slow down eating and pay special attention to the importance of chewing.

6. Fish Oil

Reduce the amount of sunflower oil you consume and replace this unhealthy ingredient with fish oil. Use this product in your salads, sauces and fish meals. Minimize the calorie content of your meals by making the best substitutions. Master the art of healthy cooking and say goodbye to extra calories.

7. Cool Toast and Baked Potatoes

Diet gurus advise you to let your baked potatoes and toast cool before adding any butter or high-calorie spread on them. According to experts, when hot, these food items absorb more of the butter or cheese. Use this slimming strategy during your diet to minimize the calorie content of your breakfast or snacks.

Easy Daily Weight Loss Tips

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