Create an uber-healthy and silhouette-friendly shopping list and head to the grocery store to purchase the following 7 diet foods for quick weight loss. Find out more about the ingredients which should be consumed in moderation and the ones which can be included in your daily meal plan. Be aware of the importance of calories in your menu to get rid of extra pounds in an efficient way.

1. Corn Flakes

Choose delicious cereals for your breakfast to load your body with energy and healthy vitamins. 1 cup of corn flakes contains no more than 100 calories. This is actually the ideal amount you should incorporate into your breakfast meal. Lose weight by teaming up corn flakes with tasty fruits or low-fat milk.

2. Smoked Sausage

There’s no need to totally eliminate sausages from your meal plan if you want to lose weight.

All you have to do is go for the healthiest option. 2 oz of smoked sausage contains no more than 80 calories. Include this meat item in your sandwich, pizza and other recipes.

3.Chicken Broth

Do you want to experiment with a non-restrictive diet plan? Then build up your own slimming menu and don’t forget to include chicken broth in your top food list.

1 cup of chicken broth contains 5 calories and will offer you the chance to suppress your appetite as the perfect entree for your main meals.

4. Green Onions

Re-think your nutritional plan and include green onions into your food list. 1 large green onion contains about 8 calories and it is loaded with the necessary vitamins to keep your metabolism on top speed. Increase the consumption of organic veggies to flush out fat from your system.

5. Dried Oregano

Use spices to perk up your favorite recipes and explore the fat burning quality of these ingredients. 1 tbs of dried oregano contains 18 calories and will give your salads, pizzas and other meals a unique aroma. Keep spices at hand to increase your chances for dazzling slimming results.

6. Whole Milk Ricotta

Prepare delicious desserts using whole milk ricotta. 1 oz of this ambrosial dairy product contains no more than 49 calories. There’s no need to sacrifice your fondness for tasting bud-pampering snacks. Instead, use low-calorie ingredients to replace the carb-rich elements.

7. Boysenberries

Prepare energy-boosting and antioxidant-rich fruit salads using boysenberries. These tasty ingredients will stuff your organism with vitamins. ½ cup of boysenberries contains no more than 37 calories. Explore the delicious aroma of these types of berries and feel free to take advantage of their fat burning power.

7 Diet Foods for Weight Loss

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