Eating at your favorite fast food restaurant may seem a practical idea. However, you can stop the piling up of extra pounds by preparing filling low-calorie meals. Use the 7 daily smart diet tips below and give alternative methods a chance when it comes to efficient weight loss. Cut unhealthy sugar and fat from your nutritional plan by embracing a few simple cooking and eating habits.

1. Eat Within 30 Minutes of Waking Up

This is one of the time-tested daily weight loss tricks you can also use. Send the message to your organism that it should start burning the already existing fat deposits. Protein-rich diet food items should be your top options for breakfast. Egg, lean meat and oatmeal offer you a sense of satiety for a longer time.

2. Have a Snack 10 Minutes Before Each Main Meal

According to Michael Roizin, MD, co-author with Mehmet Oz, MD, of ‘You on a Diet: The Owner’s Manual for Waist Management’ eating a low-calorie snack like: nuts, peanut butter or avocado 10 minutes before your main meals “helps activate ghrelin, a hormone that lets you know you’re full.”

3. Safe Drink Options

It is hard to give up the consumption of soda and other sugary drinks. However, you have a generous array of safe drink options to choose from.

Save hundreds of calories by consuming chamomile, mint, green or dandelion tea. If you’re not fond of tea, you can also stick to pure water.

4. Pears Before Dinner

Fiber-rich fruits help you control your appetite. Eat a pear 10 minutes before dinner to save yourself from overeating.

Pack your stomach with fiber to resist the temptation of unhealthy sugar and fat. Get used to this nutritional habit and strip off extra pounds more efficiently.

5. Get a Snack Bowl

Measure out your snacks to make sure you consume a moderate amount of calories. Purchase a medium-sized snack bowl you can use to control munching. Use the same bowl over and over again to make sure you see how much you eat from your favorite treats.

6. Burn Fat with Papaya

Papaya is packed with vitamin C and helps your body burn fat easier. Consume this type of healthy fruit on a regular basis. Prepare fruit salads, smoothies or eat papaya on its own to benefit of the fiber-content of this filling snack.

7. Have Bread Once a Day

Numerous dieters claim that bread is bad for you. However, it seems that professional nutritionists agree that you can eat whole-grain bread but it is highly recommended to consume it only once a day. If you had bread and butter for breakfast, skip eating it for dinner or lunch. Save hundreds of calories with this simple diet strategy.

Daily Smart Diet Tips

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