Enter the contest for the title of the biggest ‘loser’ of the month with a few simple alternative slimming methods. Revolutionize your cooking and eating habits to reduce calorie intake and enjoy your vitamin-rich snacks and main meals. The 6 smart weight loss tips below were tested by nutritional experts and dieters. Start losing extra pounds without food deprivation and other damaging solutions.

1. Add Grated Veggies to Meatloaf

In order to reduce the caloric content of your fave meatloaf make sure you add grated zucchini, cabbage or carrots to the list of ingredients. Combine these delicious ingredients and prepare guilt-free main meals you can team up with salads or other healthy side dishes. Learn how to cook wisely and shed extra pounds without sweating.

2. Whole Grain Corn Chips and Crackers

Make small changes in your snacking regime and have whole grain corn chips and crackers as the top options to tame your cravings.

These low-calorie ingredients will provide your organism with the necessary amount of nutrients to prevent cravings. Forget about munching and keep these smart desserts at hand.

3. Replace Butter with Fruit Purees

Prepare the most delicious cakes and cookies and reduce the calorie-content of these snacks by replacing butter with fruit purees.

Bananas, apples, strawberries and other fruits can be used to preserve the smooth texture and ambrosial taste of these snacks. Experiment with a few simple alternatives to trim calories in your meal plan.

4. Homemade Burger

Skip shop-bought burgers and fast food meals in order to make sure you don’t sabotage your weight loss project. There’s no need to eliminate these delicious food items of your meal plan if you’re ready to prepare your own homemade burgers and French fries. Mix low-fat meat with spices, tasty herbs and veggies. Spend some time with cooking and opt for the best ingredient list.

5. Eat Burritos Naked

Skip the flour tortillas in order to save up to 350 calories per serving. If you want to lose weight dramatically it is wise to have your burritos naked. Eat the stuffing only to tame your cravings for similar fast food items. If you want to trim more calories in your diet go for burritos packed with healthy veggies and lean meat.

6. Skip Combo Pizza and Opt for Chicken Pizza

Combining white and red meat is the worst thing you can do during your diet. Therefore, ease the task of your digestive system by ordering a chicken pizza instead of a combo one. Make sure your pizza has loads of healthy veggies in order to balance out the calories from the meat. Save up to 200 calories per serving with this smart weight loss trick.

Spring Smart Weight Loss Tips

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