Stick to your slimming diet plan with a few simple tricks. Listen to the advice of nutritional experts and experiment with some of the 6 simple weight loss principles below. Food deprivation is definitely not the best solution for efficient slimming. Therefore, you must build up a healthier and balanced eating plan which allows you to enjoy your favorite main meals and snacks.

1. Veggie Sticks

Prepare an ambrosial mixture of veggie sticks to have a guilt-free snack in between main meals. Celery, carrots and other green vegetables serve as the best ingredients to boost your metabolism rate and improve your digestion. The fiber from these foods will give you a sense of satiety for a longer period of time.

2. Choose One Cheat Day During Feasts

Whether it is Easter, Christmas or other events it is important to stick to your healthy eating plan. Sweet treats can be your worst enemies during feasts.

Therefore, choose only one cheat day and pack your stomach with your fave desserts. However, on the rest of the days you must get back to your salad – and vitamin-rich diet.

3. Romain Lettuce Wrap Sandwich

Reduce the calorie content of your sandwiches and snacks by opting for Romain lettuce or Iceberg salad as the perfect wrap for lean meat.

Team up these salads with turkey or other veggies to prepare a delicious and low-calorie meal. These salads are packed with nutrients which keep you full to resist the temptation of munching.

4. Match Biscuits with Green Tea

Are you fond of tasty biscuits? You don’t have to eliminate them from your diet if you match them with a cup of green tea. Balance the calorie intake by making this amazing diet combo. Green tea is rich in EGCG and antioxidants which keep your metabolism on high speed.

5. Dried Fruits and Chocolate

You just can’t downsize your chocolate intake? Adopt a healthier way of consuming this sweet treat. Combine melted dark chocolate with dried fruits. Raisins, dried apricots and other low-calorie snacks when combined with semi-sweet chocolate will serve as the best dessert option to control or reduce your weight.

6. Green Smoothie for Breakfast

Start your day with a vitamin-rich and metabolism-booster green smoothie. Combine all your favorite fruits and veggies to prepare a filling and healthy beverage. Enjoy your low-calorie breakfast and get used to the regular consumption of smoothies and organic juices.

Simple Weight Loss Pinciples

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