Save hundreds of calories with the following 6 quick weight loss food switches. Replace unhealthy ingredients in your favorite recipes with elements packed with antioxidants and vitamins. This is one of the simplest and quickest ways to realize your slimming objectives. Similar diet tricks will help you control calorie intake and save you from the torture of food deprivation and fasting.

1. Swap Potato Chips for Baby Carrots

Team up your favorite meat servings with baby carrots rather than with potato chips. A similar food switch will save you up to 125 calories. Ease the task of your digestive system to break down fat with this simple diet trick.

2. Swap Egg Yolk for Egg White

It is well-known that egg yolk contains cholesterol or fat from the eggs. Therefore, it is highly recommended to swap this ingredient for egg whites which lack any fat and load your body with the necessary amount of protein for the perfect functioning of your metabolism.

3. Swap Butter for Fruit Jelly

Top your toast with marmalade or fruit jelly to spare yourself from tons of calories.

Reduce fat intake by eliminating butter from your meal plan especially when it comes to breakfasts. Experiment with this simple diet trick to see its effect on your weight.

4. Swap French Toast for Waffles

Add fiber to your meal plan by opting for waffles instead of French toast. Make this small food swap to enjoy the energy boosting effect of your breakfast. Reduce calorie intake by incorporating these suggestions into your slimming project.

5. Swap Potato Salad for Hummus and Veggie Salad

Re-think your delicious recipes and skip the consumption of potato salads if you want to lose weight in the quickest time. Opt for hummus and vegetables to prepare a tasty salad. Enjoy the vitamin and antioxidant content of these healthy ingredients which contribute to the fat burning process.

6. Swap Chocolate Chips for Dried Fruits

Prepare a nutritive breakfast by swapping chocolate chips for dried fruits. Dates, almonds and raisins are perfect to stuff your system with vitamins and protein. Stick to these healthy food swaps to reach your weight loss goals.

Weight Loss Food Switches

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