It is hard to stick to your diet plan when you eat in different places and you’re tempted by unhealthy snacks. The following 6 practical weight loss tricks help you achieve your diet goals without depriving yourself from ambrosial and nutritive meals. Keeping an eye on the ideal portion and calorie content is important in order to control food intake. There’s no need to keep a set of strict weight loss rules at hand if you get used to a balanced and vitamin-rich cooking and eating plan.

1. Measure Out Carbohydrate-Rich Foods

There’s no need to lose yourself in measuring and calculations during your weight loss program. However, keep in mind this simple trick to control the consumption of carb-rich foods. Use a medium cup to measure out pasta, rice, cereals and ice cream. Save dozens of calories with this simple diet strategy.

2. Low Calorie Condiments

Save hundreds of calories by opting for low-calorie condiments.

Complete your sandwich and breakfast recipes with ingredients like: hummus, slices of apples and veggies, avocado, low fat cottage cheese, bean spread and salsa.Re-think your recipes and adapt them to your weight loss objectives.

3. Balance Dessert with a Vitamin-Rich Entree

Plan your meals with great care! If you want to consume a generous sugary dessert, be sure to ask for a low-calorie and vitamin-rich entree packed with fruits or veggies.

Appetizers and delicious salads help you consume less food and save some calories for snacking. Use this slimming maneuver to make small changes in your nutritional plan.

4. Cut Your Sandwich in Four Pieces

Trick your mind to lose weight more efficiently with this simple slimming secret. Cut your favorite sandwich in four pieces to slow down the eating process and give yourself a sense of fullness. According to specialists, it is easier to leave the last pieces on the plate if you use this trick.

5. Snack Right After Dinner

It’s not a sin to snack right after dinner instead of struggling with the guilt of nighttime munching. Choose a low-calorie dessert and have it in order to tame your cravings and have a goodnight sleep. Midnight munching can ruin your weight loss project, however, if you decide to have an after-dinner snack, you won’t trigger any change in your blood sugar level.

6. Avoid Extras at Restaurants

Calories can pile up and will only ruin your weight loss project. In order to control food intake all you have to do is skip extras at restaurants. This time stay away from coffee, creamy desserts, olives dipped in oil, salad dressing and bread rolls with butter. Believe it or not, using this slimming strategy will save you up to 1,000 calories per dinner or lunch. See whether this trick works for you too.

Practical Weight Loss Tips

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