There are myriad of special methods dietitians use to help us get rid of extra pounds. However, you can also build up a unique diet plan which provides you with healthy alternatives to resist the temptation of cravings. Skim through the following 6 new ways to lose weight fast and enjoy the dazzling result of your first rate nutritional plan.

1. Green Tea and Spicy Foods

The latest researches conducted by the highly-acclaimed Rutgers University revealed the fact that combining the sipping of green tea with the consumption of meals which contain black pepper will boost the absorption of antioxidants which could actually flush out fat from your system. Your body will be able to absorb the nutrients from green tea 130% faster than before.

2. Use Colorful Containers in Your Fridge

Numerous specialists advise you to use green and red containers to store your food.

Put healthy veggies, fruits and seeds in green containers, whereas red ones should be packed with high-calorie meals. According to the research, people soon got used to grabbing low-calorie and healthy snacks if these were stored in closed containers.

3. Two Days a Week Diet

For mysterious reasons the two days a week diet does miracles with our body.

Recent studies demonstrated that people who managed to eliminate carbs from their meal plan only twice per week, were able to lose weight radically. Experiment with this trick and eat normally on the rest of the days.

4. Take a Walk to Resist Cravings

People who want to lose weight are often overwhelmed by cravings. This time the solution to resist the temptation of unhealthy snacks is to hit the road and take a 15 minutes walk. Make sure you skip the streets which lead to supermarkets and other stores packed with sweet treats. Specialists advise you to try your hand at this simple lifestyle trick.

5. Contrasting Colors for Foods

Stay on trend with the latest weight loss experiments to get slimmer without sweating. This time a new study deals with the impact of colors on our organism. The results of the researches was that you’ll be able to consume less food if you place your meal on a plate tinted with a contrasting color. Spinach on white plates or red tomato pasta on blue plates would do the trick for you.

6. Worst Time For Snacking

Stay tuned in for the latest weight loss news. This time researchers in Seattle discovered that people who consumed sweet treats or any other snacks in the mid-morning period were able to shed pounds more slowly. Skip this dessert and enjoy your lunch without feeling the guilt of extra calories. Portion control is important to reduce the fat and sugar intake radically.

New Ways to Lose Weight Fast

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