Are you desperate to shed a few extra pounds? Now is the time to re-think your slimming strategies and ditch all the solutions which force you to deprive yourself from delicious snacking. The 6 low-calorie foods for quick weight loss below offer you the chance to get slimmer without fasting. This time experiment with alternative tricks which require less time and effort to produce dazzling results.

1. Cereals and Berries

Team up these two ingredients to lose weight dramatically. Eat this healthy snack for breakfast to load your body with vitamins and fiber. This time add milk and heat the cereals to boost their slimming effect. Numerous studies demonstrated the magical effect of the cereal+fruit combination on our body.

2. Tortilla and Cottage Cheese

Indulge in a delicious gourmet experience by combining whole-wheat tortilla with cottage cheese.

These low calorie ingredients when fused into a delicious breakfast will definitely contribute to the perfect functioning of your metabolism. Save precious calories with this low-fat snack.

3. Veggies and Meatloaf

Make the most of your new eating regime and include healthy vegetables into your favorite meat recipes. This time steam broccoli and chop it into small pieces.

Add this ingredient to your turkey meatloaf recipe and you’ll have the low-calorie version of this popular snack. The seasoning will actually supress the aroma of the broccoli and you’ll be able to enjoy the taste of turkey only.

4. Waffles and Yogurt

Reduce calorie intake with this simple snack recipe. Have 2 whole-grain waffles and combine them with low-fat plain or fruit-flavored yogurt. Pack your organism with protein and vitamins to ease the task of your digestive system when breaking down fat deposits. Include this breakfast or in-between meals snack recipe into your diet plan.

5. Toast and Turkey Bacon

Lose weight with a snack which gives you the sense of fullness for a longer period of time. Team up 2 slices of toast with 2 slices of turkey bacon. This sandwich can be further completed with delicious green veggies and almond butter if you wish. Keep this recipe in mind if you have no idea how to start your slimming project.

6. Whole-Grain Crackers and Peanut Butter

In a quest for low-calorie snacks you may lose yourself in the multitude of recipes. In order to rock the transition from an unhealthy to a healthy nutritional plan all you have to do is incorporate this simple food combination into your eating routine. Whole-grain crackers when combined with peanut butter will save you hundreds of calories. Enjoy your breakfast without having to deprive yourself from your favorite treats.

Low Calorie Food for Weight Loss

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