Healthy food swaps along with a few fun techniques to trick your brain will help you kiss goodbye to extra pounds. Pro dietitians are here to help you get slimmer in no time.

The 6 little known ways to lose weight below are only some of the time-tested solutions to burn fat without sticking to a low-calorie eating plan. Pamper your tasting buds with healthy meals and skip food deprivation which can do more harm than good to your organism.

No.1 White Chocolate is Your Enemy

White chocolate is your greatest enemy when on a healthy diet. These types of snacks don’t contain any cocoa only cocoa butter. These recipes are loaded with sugar and fats from the various dairy products used in their production.

No.2 Sip Hot Tea Instead of Hot Chocolate

Use the slimming effect of herbal teas to lose weight. Instead of loading your body with calories from hot chocolate, prepare a nice cup of green, peppermint or chamomile tea.

Include this healthy ritual into your daily schedule especially if you’re craving for something hot during the cold season.

No.3 Hummus Instead of Butter

Consider this simple weight loss trick to have a guilt-free breakfast. In order to cut back on calories team up fresh bread with hummus instead of butter.

Reduce the fat intake with this delicious diet option. Embrace a healthy nutritional plan to make sure you do your best to shed a few extra pounds.

No.4 Chocolate With Nuts

You just can’t resist the temptation of snacking? If you’re fond of chocolate, opt for the ones that contain a high amount of nuts. This way you’ll be able to reduce the sugar intake and you’ll load your organism with fiber from nuts.

No.5 Cook Your Rice In Juice

Skip the use of pure water to cook your favorite rice and use apple, carrot or any other veggie juice. This is the secret to pack your meals with antioxidants and vitamins. Keep your metabolism on top speed with this healthy cooking option. Revolutionize your recipes to lose weight without even noticing it.

No.6 Use Olive Oil With A Spray Bottle

Pouring this popular veggie oil from the bottle can sabotage your slimming diet. In order to minimize the fat intake all you have to do is use a spray bottle to use only a few spritzes of this ingredient to fry your favorite meat. Notice the positive impact of a similar diet trick on your organism and silhouette.

Little Known Ways to Lose Weight

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