It’s not necessary to feel terrible from starvation and other dramatic calorie burning methods when you have tons of solutions to shed a few pounds.

The 6 healthy quick weight loss tips below teach you how to eat almost everything and have a fabulous silhouette. That’s fine if you can’t ditch all the high-calorie ingredients from your fridge. Take things slow and keep your slimming motivation with these super-simple methods.

1. Hot Foods To Control Appetite

Nutritionists advise you to tame your hunger with a hot sandwich or soup. Opt for a broth-based soup which loads you with energy and suppresses your appetite to resist the temptation of cravings. Include healthy veggies into your soup or sandwich recipes to burn calories without even trying.

2. Tuna In Water

In order to cut back on calories it is important to purchase the healthiest foods. In this case make sure you opt for tuna packed in water and not high-fat oil.

Save yourself from loads of fat by stripping this delicious ingredient from unhealthy grease. Enjoy the positive impact of omega-3 fatty acids on your organism.

3. One Citrus Fruit Per Day

In order to boost the functioning of your metabolism, it is also important to pay attention to the vitamin C level in your diet.

In order to make sure you burn calories in the most efficient way have at least one citrus fruit per day. Orange, lemon and grapefruit will help you lose weight without sweating. Prepare delicious and raw fruit salads to pamper your tasting buds.

4. Apple Butter

If you’re into ultra-healthy and sweet spreads, purchase a bottle of apple butter. This vitamin-rich ingredient contains absolutely no fat and only 20 calories which is dramatically less from the calories butter contains. Match this diet food with a tasty toast or whole-grain crackers for an energizing breakfast or ‘in-between main meals’ snack.

5. One Meatless Day

It may seem pretty difficult to eliminate meat from your meal plan especially if you’re fond of dishes which include a high amount of pork, beef or turkey. However, a meatless day will offer you the privilege to reduce the saturated fat intake. Use this trick on Monday or in the middle of the week depending on your preferences. The slimming results will be simply dramatic.

6.Skip Box-Baked Cookies

Prepare your own low-sugar cookies instead of sabotaging your weight loss project with boxed baked goods. Cakes and cookies you can purchase from the local store are packed with saturated fat and artificial sweeteners. Instead of stuffing yourself with these snacks go for fruit salads, muffins, almonds or sorbet, desserts which are super-low in calories.

Healthy Quick Weight Loss Tips

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