Stop depriving yourself from filling meals and get used to the consumption of ingredients rich in vitamins and nutrients. The following 6 foods for weight loss offer you the chance to put calorie calculations aside and enjoy your meals. Adopt a new approach towards cooking and slimming by experimenting with a few simple recipes recommended by pro nutritionists. Find healthy variations of your favorite meals, ingredients and flavors and prepare for a slow, but healthy weight loss.

1. Rice with Black Beans

Prepare a delicious and filling meal by combining this healthy food combination. One serving of rice with black beans contains no more than 80 calories. Use tasty recipes which include these two ingredients into your menu plan for dazzling weight loss results.

2. Shrimp and Garden Salad

Use a bowl to mix cucumber, tomatoes, onions and lettuce with shrimp.

One serving of this ambrosial meal contains only 73 calories. Are you ready to reinvent your diet plan? This is the recipe which spares you from complicated calorie calculations.

3. Tuna Salad and Dill

Explore the fat burning power of these ingredients and get slimmer without the frustration and fasting.

In a bowl mix tuna with chopped dill, onion, fat-free mayo and 1 tsp of low-fat yogurt. The salad will give you a sense of fullness to resist the temptation of in-between-main-meals snacking. One serving of tuna salad contains only 50 calories.

4. Cantaloupe Soup

Enjoy the sweet aroma of cantaloupe soup and tame your hunger for sugary desserts with a vitamin-packed meal. Mix cubed cantaloupe with a tiny amount of orange juice and ground cinnamon. This combination of ambrosial tastes will definitely offer you a memorable gourmet experience. One serving of cantaloupe soup contains 69 calories.

5. Cucumber and Onion Salad

In order to get rid of extra pounds in the healthiest way it is important to include salads into our meal plan. This sweet and sour salad recipe combines two of the most important fat burning veggies. Cucumbers and onions are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. These elements will keep your digestive system in top shape. One serving of this salad contains no more than 7 calories.

6. Mashed Cauliflower with Onion

If you want to replace high-calorie potatoes with a healthy side dish, opt for this smart recipe. Use a steamer to soften the onion and cauliflower. Then, with the help of a food processor create a fine paste of these ingredients. Team up this delicious meal with a few slices of whole-grain bread or crackers. One serving of mashed cauliflower with onion contains 48 calories.

Top Food Options for Weight Loss

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