Hungry moments can overwhelm you if you opt for fasting and crash diets. In order to save yourself from the torture of cravings, use these 6 food combos for rapid weight loss. These recipes are affordable and super-simple in order to ease your task when selecting and preparing a filling meal. Burn more calories than the amount you consume by keeping your metabolism on top speed. In a quest for low-fat snack ideas consider our review of healthy food combos.

1. Sweet Potatoes and Dried Rosemary

Create a delicious salad by combining a few cubes of sweet potato, a tiny amount of dried rosemary and garlic powder if you wish. Cook this mixture until the potatoes are softened and have this tasty meal for lunch or dinner. One serving of this diet food combo contains no more than 60 calories.

2. Apple and Yogurt

Combine these two simple food items to lose weight dramatically. Consume this low-fat snack for breakfast or to tame your sugar cravings.

Use a tiny bowl to mix 2-3 tbs of yogurt with a few slices of apple. One serving of this nutritional meal contains no more than 90 calories.

3. Pineapple and Raspberry

These two fruits are perfect to flush out toxins from your organism and lose weight visibly.

Create a delicious fruit salad using these ingredients and pamper your senses with sweet treats. Enjoy the high-vitamin content of these organic ingredients. One cup of this fruit salad contains only 60 calories.

4. Unsweetened Muesli and Yogurt

Create a filling breakfast by combining these two healthy ingredients. Muesli and yogurt is perfect to lose weight gradually and get used to a healthy diet plan. Keep unsweetened muesli at hand to have the perfect inspiration to prepare a delicious snack.

5. Asparagus, Spinach and Peas

Use all these healthy and fat burning veggies to get rid of extra pounds. Shrink your waistline by consuming similar ambrosial snacks for breakfast and lunch. Sprinkle a tiny amount of your fave spices on the salad or prepare a simple, low-fat dressing.

6. Baked Fish and Steamed Vegetables

Use this food combo to consume filling and not fattening meals. Baked fish and steamed vegetables are the perfect match to ease the task of your organism to break down fat deposits. A serving of this snack will give you a sense of fullness for hours.

Food Combos For Weight Loss

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