Advance planning is the secret to achieve your slimming goals. The following 6 calorie cuts help you re-organize your eating habits. Make a few small changes in your nutritional plan to reduce calorie intake and lose weight fast. Boost your metabolism with the help of vitamin-rich ingredients. Delicious salads and low-fat meals allow you to control your hunger and severe cravings. Start trimming calories in your diet with the following tricks.

1. Swap Eggs for Flaxseeds

Believe it or not 1tbs of flaxseed and 3 tbs of water can replace eggs in your recipes. This is a trick offered by Chef Rocco DiSpirito who is also a nutritional expert. Save up to 40 calories[ with this simple diet food option. Use this slimming strategy if you want to lose weight very quick. See whether this calorie-cutting method works for you too.

2. Replace Heavy Cream with Yogurt in Soups

Enjoy your low-calorie soups by replacing heavy cream with yogurt in your recipes. This is one of the simplest methods to save hundreds of calories per serving.

Stuff your fridge with healthy and slimming ingredients you can use during your cooking sessions. Moreover, with this simple ingredient swap you’ll have the creaminess of your soups without extra-fat.

3. Measure Oil When Cooking

Chef Rocco DiSpirito also claims that it is important to measure out oil before pouring it into the saucepan.

Save up to 500 calories with this simple slimming maneuver. 1 tbs of vegetable oil is enough to add to your favorite main meals. Small changes in your cooking routine will make a huge difference in your silhouette.

4. Cultured Veggies and Pickles

Snack on cultured veggies and pickles if you want to complement your main meals with a low-calorie ingredient. Pickled green beans, dill pickles and pepper rings contain no calories and help you tame your hunger for quick in-between-main-meals snacks. Avoid sweet pickles packed with sugar and go for the traditional version of these snacks.

5. Swap Breaded Chicken for Spicy Version

Save hundreds of calories by swapping breaded chicken for the spicy version. Avoid loading your organism with extra calories you get from bread and opt for delicious and low-calorie spices which add an ambrosial taste to chicken and other types of meat. Keep in mind this slimming method to get rid of stubborn pounds in the quickest time.

6. Replace Sour Cream with Cottage Cheese and Lemon Juice

Are you ready to minimize your calorie intake and enjoy the ambrosial taste of filling meals. Chef Rocco DiSpirito furnished you with another A-list weight loss trick. Mix a tiny amount of cottage cheese with the juice of a medium lemon and replace sour cream in your recipes with this simple ingredient substitute. Save up to 300 calories with this diet trick.

Calorie Cuts for Weight Loss

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