Check with your physician before embarking on a low carb diet to ensure that it’s safe and healthy for you. Once you get the OK from your doctor, evaluate the various low carb diets to find one that’s right for you. Here are 5 of the best low carb diets for you to consider.

Primal Blueprint Diet

The Primal Blueprint Diet focuses on quality sources of protein (all forms of meat, fowl, fish), lots of colorful vegetables, some select fruits (mostly berries), and healthy fats (nuts, avocados, olive oil). Followers of this low carb diet observe portion control (calorie distribution) week to week more than meal to meal. If you consider this low carb diet, you’ll need to eliminate grains, sugars, trans- and hydrogenated fats from your diet.

Atkins Diet

The Atkins Diet strictly limits carb-heavy foods, like breads, cereals, sugary treats and fruits. What makes this low carb diet so popular is that it allows almost unlimited quantities of meat. The Atkins diet works better than a standard low fat diet for long-term weight loss. Researchers discovered that subjects on the Atkins Diet lost twice as much weight than those on the low-fat diet.

5 Best Low Carb Diets

The Zone Diet

The Zone Diet is a low carb diet that allows slightly more carbohydrates than the Atkins Diet and is all about ‘meal ratios’. It can be considered ‘low carb’, due to the fact that the average person consumes about 50-60% carbs in their diet. The good thing about the Zone diet is that it encourages a combination of all the nutrients in each meal. A closer look at the Zone Diet shows that it is a low(er) carb diet – with a low calorie count – at times possibly too low.

South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet is the brainchild of a cardiologist and a registered dietitian. The low carb diet is split into three phases. Phase 1 is low in carbs and is designed to stop cravings for sugar and starchy foods. Phase 2 introduces healthy carbohydrates, like fruits and legumes, and it’s intended to promote significant weight loss. Phase 3 is designed to last for the rest of your life and is more liberal about moderate- to high-carb food choices.

5 Best Low Carb Diets

Hampton’s Diet

The Hampton’s Diet places a lot of emphasis on consuming the right kind of fats – specifically mono-unsaturated fats. The creator of this low carb diet has picked out Macadamia Nut oil as being the best cooking oil to use (rather than olive oil). He devotes an entire chapter to oils and fats. The Hampton’s Diet is all about quality carbs – the less processed the better. Where possible, the food should be organic.

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