Low-calorie snacks might be the best solution if you’re on a diet and you don’t want to gain extra pounds. And the best thing about it is that going for healthy snacks doesn’t mean that you have to refrain from satisfying your sweet tooth!


How does this good snack under 50 calories sound? Strawberries are great sources of vitamin C and antioxidants, excellent nutrients your body needs to stay healthy. According to a study, 8 strawberries can provide you with over 100% of the daily recommended dose of vitamin C. Plus, this small quantity has just 46 calories, so you don’t have to worry about gaining weight.


Kiwi’s one of the healthiest snacks under 50 calories, ranking at 47. This special tropical fruit is packed with vitamin C and many other phytonutrients, which will help reduce the effects of illnesses like asthma, arthritis or heart disease. It’s also important to mention the fact that the kiwi fruit has very powerful antioxidant properties that can protect you against Age-Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD).

Kiwi As Low Calorie Snack

Salty Popcorn

Popcorn can also be considered a tasty snack under 50 calories. This air-based food is a great choice to sate your appetite, when being on a diet. You should pop some popcorn and invite your friends over to watch a movie. This way, you’ll get to both have fun and eat something that’s tasty, with no fat or cholesterol to affect your slimming process.

Sugar Free Jell-O

You should also have Jell-O in mind, as it’s one of those tasty desserts under 50 calories to enjoy. This sugar-free gelatin product has just 10 calories. No more, no less! Moreover, it also comes with 50 mg of sodium and no cholesterol involved. Choose your favorite flavor and get the best out of every single bite. You certainly won’t regret indulging in this little treat of yours.

Sugar Free Jell O


Are you interested to find out what makes raspberries one of the best snacks under 50 calories? The answer’s quite simple. These fruits are important sources of potassium, antioxidants and fiber. Raspberries are known to boost good cholesterol and lower your blood pressure. Finally, you should make sure to buy fully ripe raspberries as they provide the best anti-inflammatory support and cancer prevention. So, make sure to increase your daily intake if you want to stay healthy.

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