When you’re feeling down, fast food or sugary drinks aren’t the best option. Keep your comfort foods restricted to the healthy snacks list that can help you deal with tension in a more natural way. Try the best 10 healthy snacks that reduce stress.


Try a nut mix as a healthy snack that quickly reduces stress. Almonds help you with their content of B and E vitamins, cashews give you zinc that helps fight depression while pistachios and walnuts lower blood pressure.


The high vitamin C content in oranges gets them a top spot on the healthy snacks list. The vitamin doesn’t only give your immune system a boost, it can also reduce blood pressure and cortisol levels.


Next time you’re thinking about getting fast food, choose a turkey sandwich. Rich in the L-tryptophan amino acid, turkey meat has a calming and relaxing effect. Eat it with whole wheat bread and it’s even more potent.

10 Healthy Snacks to Reduce Stress


For some people, oatmeal is the top choice on the healthy snacks list to reduce stress. The complex carbohydrates in oatmeal increase serotonin production, that relieves stress and improves your mood fast.

Dried Apricots

Magnesium is a great muscle relaxant and it doubles up as a stress reliever. Add dried apricots on any healthy snacks list. They have the same amount of magnesium and calories as the fresh fruit, but are easier to snack on.


Rich in potassium and monounsaturated fats, avocados are a good stress reliever because they contain the healthy omega-3 fatty acids which improve brain function, along with vitamin E, beta-carotene and folate.

10 Healthy Snacks to Reduce Stress


With high levels of antioxidants and vitamin C, all berries can help relieve stress and improve your concentration. Blueberries are an especially potent healthy snack that relieves stress.


Not really a snack, more of a small meal, salmon is packed with omega-3 acids that have an excellent effect in reducing the levels of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline.

Dark Leafy Greens

From broccoli to kale and spinach, dark green vegetables offer a precious combination of vitamins and minerals. Toss a quick salad of dark leafy greens when you want one of the most healthy snacks that also relieve stress.


While not exactly a filling snack, green tea and herbal tea can be very soothing in times of stress. Go for the high antioxidants content of green tea or for the calming effect of chamomile tea and keep both on your healthy snacks list for when you’re feeling stressed.