Fresh vegetables and fruit should be a big part of your diet this spring if you’re already thinking of losing weight for bikini season. With plenty of nutritional benefits when they’re in season, the best spring vegetables for weight loss can truly help you make a difference.

Discover the best options for fresh spring vegetables, that can have a big impact in weight loss and also give you all the vitamins and minerals you need for a healthy lifestyle with less body fat and glowing skin.


Low fat content along makes this fiber-rich vegetable one of the best choices for weight loss. The insoluble fiber in artichokes helps your digestive system run smoothly. Fighting constipation naturally, artichokes are also a great source of folic acid, which helps reduce the risk of heart disease. You’ll also get a lot of vitamin C and potassium from these delicious vegetables.


Counting calories isn’t a necessity for asparagus, one of the top spring vegetables for weight loss. A single stalk has only 4 calories, but asparagus is packed with fiber, along with great antioxidants. Vitamin C and beta-carotene are major benefits of this vegetable. If you’ve struggled with low-calorie foods that don’t offer enough taste, always pick thick and juice stalk, they’re more flavorful than thin ones.

Healthy Spring Vegetables


While beet greens are a delicious addition to your salads, it’s beetroot that has the excellent benefit of soluble and insoluble fiber. Besides improving digestion and giving you energy while keeping hunger pangs away, beetroot also offers calcium and iron. Calcium deficiencies also play a role in weight gain, so reach for beets when you do your spring shopping.


Low-calorie and high-volume, celery is 95% water so it will give you a filling sensation without any fat or empty calories. With only 16 calories per stalk, celery is definitely one of the best spring vegetables for weight loss and a single cup contains 2 grams of fiber. Vitamin A, vitamin K and potassium are among the vitamins and minerals in celery that also give offer the right health benefits.

Salad Greens

From watercress to arugula, salad greens are in season in the spring and they’re a delicious way to eat your way to weight loss. With only 15 calories per 2 cups, most salad greens can give you plenty of vitamins and minerals, from fiber and beta-carotene. Forget about iceberg lettuce and go for the darker leafy greens for better nutritional value.


Fresh peas are both delicious and a great source for minerals like manganese and iron, along with vitamin K, vitamin B1 and enough fiber to improve digestion. Eat these spring vegetables for weight loss without discarding the tasty pods.

Spring Vegetable Salad


Sweet peppers are rich in antioxidants, but with hot peppers you’re also getting capsaicin, which has been proven to aid in burning calories. With vitamin A, C and K, peppers are a perfect addition to any vegetable salad and have enough fiber to also help you fight hunger.


One of the most underrated vegetables, radishes aren’t that high in fiber, but they make up for it with sulfur compounds with beneficial effects to digestion. With thin slices of radishes in salads and sandwiches, you’re also getting folic acid and vitamin C, while other compounds in radishes have a good anti-inflammatory effect.


Rich in vitamins B6, C and K, spinach is also an excellent source of iron and magnesium. If you feel most salad greens don’t offer enough taste, your won’t have that problem with spinach, one of the most delicious spring vegetables that can be cooked in a variety of ways. Add it to your salads or steam and boiled it for extra flavor with great weight loss benefits.

Spring Onions

One of the spring vegetables for weight loss which quite a short season, spring onions are low in calories while also providing great diuretic benefits. Whether you call them spring onions, scallions or green onions, don’t avoid these tasty vegetables that lack the pungent aroma of regular onions. Sulfur compounds in spring onion help in burning carbohydrates fast, so they don’t turn into fat.

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