An important rule to keep in mind when it comes to a healthy lifestyle is to combine regular exercising with healthy eating habits, combo which will not only significantly improve your health, but also reshape your body. To help you embark on a lovely journey towards health, check out the most popular exercise routines for women and find the one that suits you best!

The ideal exercise is the one that suits your personality and delivers the results you desire to obtain, helps you relax physically, mentally and spiritually. To make your choice easier, we have selected a few popular sports which are worth trying out:

Pilates Pilates has become a highly popular sport, due to the relaxing exercises which help stretch and elongate muscles to create a gorgeous silhouette without pushing the body. This sport was actually developed by German Joseph Pilates to help recuperate people who needed to spend a lot of time resting in bed. Therefore, the exercises are low impact and are perfect for people who want to relax their mind while toning their body. Pilates is extremely efficient if performed properly and does not impact your joints. Your posture will gradually improve and your silhouette will slowly start to be reshaped by building long and strong muscles. Pilates is perfect for anyone, but suits best people who don’t really like to break-a-sweat.

FitnessFitness can mean a variety of things, such as boxing, athleticism, gymnastics, etc, and it is a much more demanding sport compared to Pilates. Fitness helps define and develop muscles, improve body posture, promote body circulation, burn calories faster due to cardio exercises and boosts resistance to effort. This sport is usually associated with gym equipment, so if you love spending time in a gym and working out this is the sport for you. However, this is s sport that will put some pressure on your joints and increase the beatings of your heart, which is not advisable for people with cardiac problems.

YogaYoga is a perfect option for those who want to balance their body and mind. Yoga is more than just a sport, it is a way of living, which combines different body postures with meditations. These postures need to be performed correctly so that results are obtained, thus you have to turn to a yoga class or a yoga trainer for help. For beginners there are beginners classes which slowly initiate you so you can get to an advanced yoga class. Yoga helps enhance flexibility and remodels your entire muscles for a toned and strong body.

Spinning Spinning is definitely a demanding sport which burns calories (at least 500 per session) and helps strengthen the lower part of your body. The exercises are performed on a special, stationary bike and combines sprint with resistance. Spinning is definitely a cardio exercise which speeds up the hearth rhythm and promotes body circulation, this is why it’s not a great option for people who suffer from heart disease. Spinning requires effort, thus if you want to keep-up, you definitely need some level or resistance before joining a spinning class.

There are a variety of other popular exercises you can try, such as swimming, kick boxing, kangoo jumps, zumba, step aerobic, tennis, you name it. Choose one or multiple sports and try to make them a part of your life as this way you will not only look better but, feel that way also.